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LA County Health Officials Sets To Overcome Hurdles To Distribute Vaccines

Los Angeles County has been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic for about a year with great numbers of deaths and contractions. Presently, the county is about to take initiative to vaccinate its residents. 

According to the health officials of the county, the two impediments that the vaccination rollout has to overcome are lack of required doses and misinformation.

LA County Health Officials Sets To Overcome Hurdles To Distribute Vaccines

Right now, California has no sufficient amount of vaccine doses to meet the requirement. 

In LA County there are nearly 10 million residents. However, only 685,000 doses were received so far in the county, according to the officials.


The county is expected to receive 168,000 more doses by Saturday. Once it is started the county is expected to vaccinate 20,000 people per day across it. 

During a town hall which was held on Tuesday, the director of LA County Division of Medical Affairs, Dr Seira Kurian said that the number of doses distributed by the federal government and the state would completely determine the pace of vaccinations across the county.

She added that the officials are not sure how the allocation would be held next week as they also need to provide the second doses to the health care workers who already received their initial doses.

Reports said that among the total of 400,000 COVID- related deaths, more than 33,600 have been reported in California only. The state healthcare workers are already in fatigue and trauma. 

Among all counties in the state, LA is in the worst condition where a person dies every six minutes. Ambulances also bring in infected people every minute.

The county is in a state of emergency where doctors are struggling 24/7 to save millions of lives every day. The emergency rooms of hospitals are about to get overwhelmed with COVID-19 patients.

As part of the command to vaccinate people of age 65 and more, various parts of the state had already begun the process.

Still, it is not sure whether it would be possible to give the second shots to the other 17,000 eligible health care workers. 

An announcement was made by the officials on Tuesday in LA, which said that soon the county will begin to vaccinate the prioritized seniors. However, the announcement also said that the appointments are limited. 

Meanwhile, misinformation has been spreading widely that the current pandemic is not at all harmful than the common flu.

The health officials also need to overcome another hurdle which is spreading across that the vaccine doses distributed by the federal government contain tissues of aborted fetuses.

The Vatican is the source of this myth where a statement said that the vaccine is morally acceptable for the Roman Catholics to receive since the research used tissues from aborted fetuses. 

However, Gonzalez, the man who explained the gene-editing technique of both Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, said that there are no fetal cell has been used to develop any of the vaccines that are now in use.

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