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Tean Mom Star Lane Fernandez Died At The Age Of 28!

Lane Fernandez, who passed away recently, was a cast member on the MTV show Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant with his ex-girlfriend Malorie Beaver. He was 28.

Tean Mom Star Lane Fernandez Died At The Age Of 28!

In a message that she made on Facebook on Monday, Fernandez’s wife, Kylee, announced that her husband had passed away. A little over a month ago, the couple became parents for the first time to a little girl named Nolyn.

At This Time, They Are Unable To Establish What Caused The Person To Pass Away

On social media, Fernandez’s wife sent the following message: “I’m so lost without you, sweetheart.” “I love you to the moon and back, and I do not doubt that you are keeping an eye on us. I will never get over how much I miss you; you have never been the problem.

“Nolyn, Emerson, and I have so much affection for you, and we think the world of the husband and father that you were to our dogs and us. You will always be my pillar of support and my closest friend. I long for you more than anything else, sweetie.

In addition, Fernandez and Beaver are the parents of a small girl named Emerson. In the second and third seasons of Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant, which aired in 2020 and 2021, respectively, viewers followed Fernandez and Beaver as they worked together to raise their daughter as co-parents.

Beaver took to social media after Fernandez’s passing to express her sadness and sympathies. On her Instagram account, she uploaded an old video of Fernandez playing with baby Emerson, who is now three years old; she captioned the image with the words “RIP.”

  • Lane Fernandez featured on Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant on MTV with Malorie Beaver before their breakup passed away recently. He was 28.
  • It has been three weeks since Lane and his wife, Kylee Rose Fernandez, became parents to their first child together when he passed away. On Monday, Kylee posted a sorrowful update on Facebook in which she revealed the news.
  • “Babe, I’m in such a bind without you. “I love you to the moon and back, and I know you’re looking out for us,” Kylee wrote with a sequence of photographs that showed Lane cuddling their newborn son, Nolyn, who was born on May 22. The couple had just celebrated their one-year anniversary.
  • “You will always be in my thoughts. It was always you, Nolyn, Emerson, and I have so much love for you, and you were an incredible parent, dog dad, and spouse. You will always be my pillar of support and my closest friend. “I miss you more than anything else, darling,” Kylee expressed her sentiments to her friend.

Emerson, a small daughter, is also Lane and Beaver’s joint responsibility. The second and third seasons of Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant focused on the couple’s struggles and triumphs as they attempted to share parental responsibilities for their daughter.

Malorie Beaver’s sister Rachel Beaver, who is also a Teen Mom star, paid respect to Malorie on her Instagram story by uploading a picture of her father, Lane Beaver, swimming in a pool with their kid, Emerson.

Along with the flashback photo, she sent a caption where she said, “I can’t even begin to convey the agony I feel right now.” “Gone too soon. You may take it easy, Lane.”

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