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Laptop Saga Got Stranger: Giuliani Received Hunter Biden Data

It was just a week before the presidential election; there was a strange thing in world politics. The politics turned towards Wilmington computer repair shop because of a post. A post on New York revealed that the computer shop owner handed over a copy of the hard drive to a lawyer. It also noted that the lawyer was a representative of Rudy Giuliani. The hard drive included data related to Hunter Biden.

Laptop Saga Got Stranger: Giuliani Received Hunter Biden Data

Later ten days after the presidential election, there was a sign on the computer repair shop’s door, and it was saying the shop is closed. As per the neighbor, the shop owner has left town. Now, a series of news and information is circulating for weeks. They all included the laptop’s journey starting from the repair office to the office of Giuliani.

Even though there is fear, there is no stop to fake news flooding. Now, everybody is waiting for Giuliani’s resistance to share the material. There is no clarity on whether emails have been found in the hard drive or the entire disputed New York Post story is authentic or not.

The story was narrating about the time when President-elect Joe Biden served as vice president, and it was in the year 2015. At the time, he held a meeting with Burisma Holdings’ executive. Burisma Holdings is a Ukrainian energy company, and in the same company Hunter Biden, Joe Biden’s son, works. The story also tells about embarrassing photos of Hunter Biden were also present on the same hard drive.

Soon after the story publication, Joe Biden’s presidential campaign put the status, ‘no meeting since alleged New York post, took place.’

Weeks after the story was published, John Paul Mac Isaac, a computer repair person, closed his Trolley Square shop and left town.  Brian Della Rocca, Isaac’s Annapolis-based attorney, said, ‘yes, Isaac closed his shop since he started receiving death threats.’ He never disclosed his client’s move to a new town, or he didn’t give clarity on whether his client left the city or not.

Della Rocca added, ‘I never anticipated Isaac becoming entangled with a potential lawsuit or even a criminal investigation.’ He also said about his office’s communication with Wilmington FBI agents and Leslie Wolf, Delaware’s Assistant United States Attorney.  But, he never revealed the nature of conversations happened.

Della says, ‘Now I am in touch with federal law enforcement.’ Now what a retired United States Air Force colonel, Mac Isaac’s father says? As per the post, he is the one who helped Isaac to share the hard drive with the FBI first and after that with the conservative media.

Mac Isaac said last month, ‘This is not the first subpoena I faced when asked about being subpoenaed or feared.’ Here he was referring to the recent New York Post that included some part of the story. The same document was signed by Wolf last year, and it was regarding taking the procession of the hard drive.

The story was mostly about Mac Isaac’s shop except for some in the fine print.  Della Rocca says, ‘his office is now started investigating about whether the computer files which are publicly claimed by Giuliani have taken from the hard drive were present on the machine before the drive handed over to the client in September.’

A shadowy saga was behind Mac Isaac has now turned, and he was describing him as a screw-turner but now became a key for the yearslong international campaign by Giuliani. The campaign searched for information that can damage Joe Biden even before the 2020 election showdown, along with President Donald Trump.

Who is Giuliani? He is Trump’s attorney. After Trump lost to Joe Biden, now Giuliani, on behalf of the president, shifted to a new campaign. He is currently leading his efforts to challenge the election, and Trump is spreading the alleged fraud in the election. He is not providing any evidence, and even his team is suffering a setback in the courts.

There is a similar lack of sustained public evidence. More than those Democrats argue that New York Post story published on October 14 fed by Giuliani resulted from political disinformation spread by Russian actors.

More than 50 former intelligence officers have signed an open letter and state that email behind the store with ‘these are nothing but classic earmarks by a Russian information operation.’ They also added that they do not possess any evidence of Russian involvement in the same.

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