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Over The Last Three Weeks, The Number Of US COVID-19 Cases Has Doubled Again

In the United States, the COVID-19 curve has begun to rise again after months of a decline, with new cases every day increasing by more than double over the past three weeks, mainly because of the growing delta variant, Fourth of July gatherings, and lagging vaccination rates.

Over The Last Three Weeks, The Number Of US COVID-19 Cases Has Doubled Again

Data from Johns Hopkins University shows that confirmed infections rose from 11,300 on June 23 to about 23,600 as of Monday. Over the past two weeks, all states except Maine and South Dakota have reported an increase in the number of cases.

Over The Last Three Weeks, The Number Of US COVID-19 Cases Has Doubled Again

Dr. Powderly said it is certainly no coincidence that a series of cases is taking place right after the Fourth of July weekend since that is when we would expect them to occur. Co-director of Washington University’s School of Medicine’s infectious disease division, He is a clinician, educator, researcher, and writer. On the other hand, a new mutation of a coronavirus that was discovered in India is taking over the majority of infections across much of the country.

A Center for Disease Control and Prevention report indicates that 55.6% of all Americans have received at least one shot against the COVID-19 virus. There was a greater two-week increase in cases per capita in Missouri, Arkansas, Nevada, Louisiana, and Utah, all states with lower vaccination rates: 43%; 45.9%; 49.5%; and 42%.

Although cases have increased recently, they remain far below their peak of a quarter-million cases per day in January. In fact, deaths have fallen below 260 a day instead of reaching more than 3,400 over the winter, demonstrating how successfully the vaccine has prevented serious illness and death among those who remain healthy.

Although the number is rising, even those with immunizations are urged to wear masks in public places like Los Angeles County and St. Louis. The city is requesting that Missouri and Arkansas residents who haven’t been immunized for COVID-19 submit to quarantine for 10 days or get a negative test.

Additionally, Mississippi’s Health Department, which places last nationally in vaccinations, has blocked posts regarding COVID-19 on its Facebook page because of a “rise in misinformation” regarding the virus and vaccine. As a result of a 150% increase in hospitalizations over the past three weeks, Mississippi officials suggest people 65 and older stay clear of large indoor gatherings.

According to the city of New Orleans, officials will likely extend until fall virus-mitigation efforts already in place sporting and entertainment events, including mandatory masks and the requirement for attendees to be vaccinated or have negative COVID-19 tests. According to officials, the number of Coronavirus cases is rising, mainly among the unvaccinated. Nevertheless, many states fatigued by months of restrictions may not have the political will to take action.

Democrats are seeking to repeal a law that Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer used to restrict movement during the pandemic’s early stages. The state of Alabama’s Republican governor, Kay Ivey, pushed back against the suggestion the state might have to reimpose preventive measures. Vaccination rates have fallen while hospitalizations have risen.

During a social media shout-out, she described Alabama as OPEN for business. She urges people to get vaccinated since they’re readily available. Health orders have expired, and the state of emergency has ended. They are making progress.

Dr. James Lawler, director of the Global Center for Health Security from the University of Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha, said masks and limiting large gatherings could help fight the disease. Despite his admission that most high-risk areas of the country, the areas where the virus is most prevalent, are precisely the areas that do not want any of these changes. Attorney General Lawler warned of further problems to come in the United States after what is happening in Britain.

Those describing the delta variant are showing images of ICUs full of 30-year-olds in areas around the world where the virus has taken hold. This is what we will see in the U.S., as outlined by critical care doctors. People don’t realize what’s going to happen to us, he says.

The White House is bolstering the administration’s vaccination program with star power from Joe Biden. On Wednesday, Olivia Rodrigo, who is 18 years old, will meet with Vice President Biden and Dr. Anthony Fauci. Young adults have been less receptive to vaccines, despite the administration’s success in vaccinating older Americans.

Erik Frederick, chief administrative officer at Mercy Hospital Springfield, says at least some are listening after weeks of beseeching. He tweeted across his vaccine clinic that people are getting immunized more than twice as often as before. According to him, this is what gives him hope.

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