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According To Health Officials, The Latest Hospital Patients Vaccinated For Covid-19 Are Unvaccinated And Are Becoming Younger

As the number of cases of Covid-19 continues to rise in the US, health experts say it is putting younger, unvaccinated people in hospitals at higher rates. During the past week, 48 states experienced an increase in Covid-19 cases, with 30 reporting an increase of more than 50%, according to data provided by Johns Hopkins University.

According To Health Officials, The Latest Hospital Patients Vaccinated For Covid-19 Are Unvaccinated And Are Becoming Younger

In some areas, vaccination rates are relatively low and, jointly with the increase in the spread of the Delta variant, are worsening the already deadly virus, says Dr. Catherine O’Neal, a specialist in infectious diseases at Our Lady from Lake Regional Medical Center near Baton Rouge.

According To Health Officials, The Latest Hospital Patients Vaccinated For Covid-19 Are Unvaccinated And Are Becoming Younger

Unlike last year’s virus, this year’s is different. Those over 40 are under attack. They are attacking our grandparents and parents, and they are grabbing our children. We can’t apply the experiences we gained last year to today and just assume we’ll be fine, O’Neal said, which is perhaps our greatest challenge right now.

The covid-19 unit at her clinic now has more patients in their 20s who she had previously considered healthy. Vaccination is imperative, O’Neal said. Masks don’t work. Mitigation programs won’t work. It’ll be a vaccination.

During his weekly news conference on Friday, Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards said 97 percent of cases and deaths related to Covid-19 were among people who had not received full vaccinations.

US vaccination rates have slowed down, with less than half of the population fully vaccinated – 48.5% according to CDC data. It is the communities with a lower vaccination rate that face the greatest risk. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that just 36.1% of Louisiana’s population has had its vaccinations up until Saturday.

Los Angeles County officials have decided to reinstate requirements for wearing masks indoors, causing case numbers to soar. Since July 4, the Covid-19 case rate has increased by 300%, according to government data.

COVID-19 cases increased by fourfold in Los Angeles County this week, from 457 cases on July 4 to 1,827 new cases on Saturday, Los Angeles County public health officials stated in a news release. On July 15, there had been 210 cases of COVID-19. In addition, non-masked individuals mixing with unmasked people whose vaccination status is unknown causes a higher infection rate.

In the county, 462 people have been hospitalized since the beginning of the month, an increase of more than double from one month prior.

Her mother died of Covid-19, so her daughter urges vaccination

The daughter of a woman who died after contracting Covid-19 in Little Rock, Arkansas, urges everyone to get vaccinated. This was the healthiest she had ever been. She was getting personal training five days a week. Fun was what she loved to do. Rachel Maginn Rosser told CNN’s Pamela Brown: She got sick, and it just got worse. Rosser had reported that Kim Maginn, her mother, had a sore throat and fever for a week before being diagnosed with Covid-19 and not strep throat, she added.

In an interview with CBS News, Rosser recalled feeling helpless when her mother, who was in the intensive care unit in the hospital, was dying. As Rosser related, She couldn’t go in to see her. She had to keep calling her on her cell phone, she said. She looked very small in the bed. It was hard for her to speak because of how hard it was for her to breathe.

Upon hearing that Rosen is a nurse, Rosser noticed that her mother didn’t get immunized because she believed since she hadn’t been exposed yet she wouldn’t get ill. Despite her pleas to her mother, Rosie said she was not vaccinated.

A variety of tactics were employed by her. She explained everything in detail to her. As she pleaded with her emotional side, she questioned, ‘What will we do without you? Is it possible for them to live without her? Those are the words Rosser said.

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