Latest Report: Omicron Quickly Fills Up Children Hospitals 

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : December 29, 2021

The opinion of Dr. Fauci seems all-important here. There has been a huge increase in the number of pediatric admissions in New York so far. The hospitalizations pertaining to children are up by almost 35%

Latest Report: Omicron Quickly Fills Up Children Hospitals

The reports from across the states suggest that the deadly contagious but milder variant has collaborated with Christmas and new year’s season to increase infections amongst the populations. And now, it is not even barring children. The children’s hospitals are bracing for tougher times. 

Latest Report: Omicron Quickly Fills Up Children Hospitals

One of the Chief Medical Officers at the Texas Childcare facility has stated that the world is going to see more numbers than usual. In a telephonic interview, the official Dr. Spinner has told the news media. 

If recent reports are to be believed, Christmas has already started showing its colors. And the New Year seems to be looming above the head. 

Across the states, all pediatricians are getting ready for a busy January 2022. The authorities are already aware of the fact that the trend of infections will arise, but no one knows whether it will go out of hand. The Director, UH Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital, Dr. Claudia, also says the same. All are concerned about the same. 

The children mix with all adults and friends from Christmas onwards and suddenly develop chest infections and fevers. The New Year should be the icing on the cake, believes certain quarters. 

Everybody from parents, to healthcare facilities to doctors, are awaiting, what the future beholds. There is a large number of adults who are getting infected by the Omicron, but few hospitalizations are underway. However, it is yet to be revealed, if the same thing happens to children. 

Officials feel that the Delta variant may be surpassed if infections are to be measured. Omicron may make it even worse. 

The most concerning thing for children’s hospitals is that the children below five years will be more at risk, as there is no vaccine for them yet. At the same time, several reports from doctors from across the New York hospitals, are not sure as of now, if the Omicron variant is in any way, more severe. No reports have suggested the same right now. 

People are being given advisories to take the best precautions for their unvaccinated as well as vaccinated children. However, if the children land in the hospital, it will reveal how severe the case is. 

Most reports from across New York hospitals suggest that the children need oxygen. They also need extra care. Some kids are also showing signs of dehydration. Kids are coming with respiratory issues, and that is making all concerned. It has also been revealed that sick children are mostly unvaccinated or not two-dose vaccinated. They may have their second dose pending. 

Children are an easy target for the variant. It has been starting to attack, in ways that are alien to the scientific community. The widespread gatherings and parties are adding to the pressure. The virus has probably found a population, that is not vaccinated like kids. The virus may be intelligent enough to realize that it has been rendered powerless due to vaccines.

Hence this situation is being monitored closely. The situation is quite different from what it was last year. Many masks have come off the faces, and so that has increased the spread further. Kids are more at-risk today, owing to the surges in the Omicron spread. Now, it is also a concern that is adding up more pressure on the healthcare fraternity. 

Kids are seeing milder infections, but not all. Only, timely testing and vaccination will reveal the further course of the virus. 

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