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Latino Voters Fear Election Was Stolen From President Trump

Many refugees who fled Cuba decades ago became supporters of the Republican party. Such Latino voters now feel that the election was stolen from President Trump, and they compare the situation to what happened in Cuba a few decades back.

Latino Voters Fear Election Was Stolen From President Trump

Even though there is no evidence of any election fraud, many Latino voters felt that socialists who are acting like coverts are robbing the elections from Trump in association with the media. They are all set to believe in anything that comes against the Democrats during this election season.

Some even fear that communism may be coming to the US in a slow and steady manner. They recall how communism made its way to Cuba. Their biggest fear is Kamala Harris, who is not in favor of accepting some of the policies of the progressive wing of the Democratic Party.

Trump is not in a mood to concede defeat easily and made harsh remarks against the electoral process. The Trump campaign has even launched a legal campaign and filed a series of lawsuits in several states to challenge the election results. However, most of the cases were thrown away by the courts as they did not come with any sort of evidence.

The Department of Homeland Security and other security agencies have said that this was the most secure election in the American history and there was no evidence of any malpractice during the US 2020 elections. Even after this assurance coming from the security agencies, many Latino voters still believe Trump that voter fraud was done in a rampant way to steal victory from the President.

In Florida, Republicans won by a huge margin of 375000 votes. In this region, Biden is projected as a Trojan horse for Socialism, and he is often linked to communist leaders of Cuba. People also criticize Biden for praising the programs of Fidel Castro. The Latino voters are not interested in anything that is concerned with Socialism and progressive agenda.

When Trump wrongly claimed victory in front of some media channels, it was censored accordingly. Supporters of Trump believe that the media was biased in their opinion, and they wanted to grab power from Trump using these tactics. However, even when Biden had a clear majority, he did not claim victory till the official results were sent from the election officials. Trump had indicated about this stance even before the elections that a peaceful transfer of power may not happen if Biden comes to power. He did the same thing even though he lost by a comfortable margin.

Many analysts believe that if the margin were a little closer, things would have been worse, and Trump had many other tricks to play to retain power. However, Biden had a comfortable lead, and this led to a smooth transition of power without any hassles.

Latino voters have several theories to support voter fraud allegations and say that when the country has been the target of presidential assassinations and terrorist attacks, how can they not accept voter fraud allegations. Several celebrities from the Latino community have endorsed such things on social media and supported Trump openly with regards to voter fraud allegations.

Many GOP voters are also against the social media platforms that flagged some of the messages of Trump. They labelled such platforms as manipulated media and called for action to be taken against such platforms. They were indicating the actions taken by Facebook and Twitter regarding some of the misleading messages of Trump.

The disinformation campaign run by some supporters of Trump also clearly targeted the Latino voters as they are more likely to believe in such news when compared to their counterparts. This was started even before the elections, and they came up with all sorts of theories to control the Biden campaign. They even went to the extent of avoiding mail-in votes as this could favor Biden in many states.

Even after the elections were over, the Trump campaign filed many lawsuits and asked the courts to not consider the votes that came after Election Day. Such requests were often not considered by the courts as this affected only a small percentage of total votes, and it would not have impacted the final outcome of the election results in many states.

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