Learn Why Elon Musk’s Burnt Hair Perfume Has Health Risks

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : October 17, 2022

The famous billionaire Elon Musk has entered into a new business venture. He was already successfully running Tesla and SpaceX. He has recently launched a fantastic product. This product is a perfume, and he has named it ‘Burnt Hair .’According to the claim by his company, this perfume is one of the finest perfumes in the whole world. 

Its fragrance cannot be compared even to the existing brands that already enjoy a huge market value. Elon musk proudly recognizes himself as the salesman of this perfume. He launched this perfume through his new entity named the Boring Company. He believed that many people would like this perfume, and soon it would become the perfume with the highest gross sales. He is confident about the long-lasting effect and the quality of the perfume. He speaks volumes about the beauty of the perfume. 

What Are The Details Of The Perfume? 

The perfume comes in a tiny red bottle. A Cursive font has been used in silver letters to mention the name and signature of Elon Musk. The bottle describes the fragrance as the hidden essence of a repugnant desire. The perfume has been priced at $100. The website of the Boring company launched this perfume for sale last week. The company provides the option to the purchasers to buy this perfume with the help of cryptocurrency as well. 

Learn Why Elon Musk's Burnt Hair Perfume Has Health Risks

Elon musk recently tweeted concerning the success of the musk. According to the sources, around 15000 bottles of the perfume were sold within 24 hours of the launch. With this data, around 10 million dollars have been added to the net worth of the company just within 24 hours of the launch. The Strategies and the plan concerning the market value development have already been devised and will be soon incorporated one by one. 

What do the people say? 

Concerning the people who purchased this perfume, not very positive comments have been received. Most people find the fragrance decent but not as exclusive as claimed. They could easily compare some of the better versions of perfumes already in the market in terms of the long-lasting effect and beauty of the fragrance. Apart from the criticism of the general public, the medical teams and the medical department have also got to say something about this perfume. 

The research institutions from California conducted a sample experiment on this perfume. They concluded that smelling good comes at a cost. This cost has to be borne by health. The mild molecules of the perfume enter the human body through the nostrils. These mind molecules are the diffused particles of ethanol and alcohol that deposit in the veins to pollute the blood. The combination found in this perfume has reportedly reduced the number of red blood cells inside the body. 

It also causes vomiting and nausea in a lot of people. Dizziness and loss of concentration have also been reported to be the basic symptoms after inhaling this perfume. This is not only concerning the perfume launched by Elon Musk but also the other famous brands available in the market. The experiment has postulated a caution to people to reduce the consumption of perfumes to limited circumstances only. 

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