Leisure Travel Recovery Will Soon Be Going To Rebound

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : February 19, 2021

The slower development pace in the single global system for certifying and tracking the Covid-19 vaccine status in the world, having a population of 7.8 billion is causing delay in the recovery of the air travel demand. Although no one has the travel industry’s expectations to be recovering until late this year or maybe next year. The demand for air travel and the industry itself is deeply depressed. Not just the airlines but also the attractions, accommodations, trade show facilities and conventions, restaurants, resorts and hotels are desperately hoping their business to go up. What the travel industry wants now is to pick up leisure-oriented travel during the summer or spring seasons.

Leisure Travel Recovery Will Soon Be Going To Rebound

It is true that most leisure travelers spend quite less as compared to average business travelers, but they are large in numbers. This will boost the cast-starved travel industry that will be staunching the flow of red ink and bringing back those laid-off staff back to work. It will also prevent bankruptcy.

Leisure Travel Recovery Will Soon Be Going To Rebound

Additionally, people are tired of staying at their homes due to the pandemic and want to travel and have fun again. But they won’t be traveling in big numbers unless the government doesn’t settle on a specific set of rules for the virus-like testing protocols and the regulations for crossing state or even international borders. 

The travel consultancy did a study, IdeaWorks, recently in 2021, which states how travelers and airlines will adapt to the post-pandemic era. IdeaWorks has done a second research study on this topic. This shows a deep analysis of the trends and human responses related to various epidemics as far as the 12th Century. The analysis of the efforts being done to revive this industry and the challenges that must be overcome to achieve this goal.

The report, which was published for the first time on December 1, suggests that from 19% to 36% of the business related to the travel traffic aboard will take much more time to return back or may never come back even at all or at least might take several years to come back. This reason that the travel industry itself wasn’t able to adapt itself as much as other businesses, which have evolved more in this pandemic. Usage of video conferencing tools like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Meet and clothes with new ways of offering support, training and sales services online rather than physically. These behavioral changes will be eroding the path for the demand of business travel of various types as per the report of IdeaWorks.

There is an urgency to distribute vaccines as early as possible, as per the latest report by IdeaWorks. But the world is not as much prepared for these electronic health passports from cultural and technical perspectives as the report states. Making a mobile app that will serve as an electronic passport for health is deliverable and doable. But inputting that data and getting it verified from all the entire country’s locations is a big hurdle. This beneficial and admirable objective won’t be likely to be achieved in this year at least.

But the industry will be rebounding soon, as stated in another observation. The travel industry will be getting many relief and other necessary funds from the government. The travel industry with smart use of technology can again leap back in this year itself if it chooses to remain positive. People are likely to travel more as they have been locked up in their houses for several months. In many places, hotels, restaurants and others have started opening up.

Nikki Attkisson

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