Let The Siblings Get Better Along

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : April 13, 2021

Sibling innocent rivalry is often something which is taken as some unexamined fact of the family life. It is as much a part of the family life as parenting or any bedtime stories.

But some of the experts say that the parents do not need to put up the bickering and these fights. There are various strategies and different techniques for helping brothers and the sisters get along in a better way thereby strengthening their relationship which would support them for a lifetime and enrich the home with a harmonious atmosphere.

Let The Siblings Get Better Along

But considering an enforced proximity in the pandemic era which is still quite a reality for individuals, a game plan is much required for improving the sibling relationships which might be a lifesaver for the struggling parents which are tired of various snarled insults and objects hurled at each other.

Let The Siblings Get Better Along

This has been a part of the culture, considering the U.S., for thinking that the siblings fight but also most of the world also has the same culture. There are also going to be lots of different times when the siblings won’t be getting along. In these situations, the role of a parent is important as said by Laurie Kramer, who is also a professor of the applied psychology at the Northeastern University in Boston.

When the social lives of the people are so restricted, families really want the value of encouraging their kids to be friends, in some other respects, the parents want the sibling so that they become companions and also playmates.

Unlike most of the relationships, there is no choice while having siblings, and this is what it makes this relationship a unique dynamic. Sisters and brothers can withstand any much more negativity and great behavior than simply would not be possible among friends as said by Kramer.

That is one of the reasons why sibling interactions are developmentally so important. These relationships allow children to try out new social and emotional behavior, particularly when it comes to conflict, helping them learn ways to manage emotions and develop an awareness of other people’s thoughts and feelings.

This is helpful for the children that have experienced a very safe and stable relationship with a sister or a brother where they might work through the conflict and also learn the conflict management skills which might be able to work the same in other such relationships in their respective life as Kramer said.

Conflict might be very helpful and constructive. This helps the children in getting a sense of the people for who they might be and find their own identity.

It is necessary for the parents to spend some time in helping the children in getting along since it is typically one of the longest-lasting considering one’s close relationships. This chemistry that can be understood and shared is really important in a crisis such as this.

Various steps must be taken for helping feuding siblings in getting along. This might sound very counterintuitive, but such scheduling on a regular one on one time with their children is a great first move.

When one has a one on one time with the parent there is no such competition for their attention. There are no such perceived winners or losers in such a regard as mentioned by the family therapist, Jonathan Caspi, who is the professor in a department of the family science and the human development department at the Montclair State University in New Jersey.

There is an ability for praising and correcting the siblings and making both the siblings understand about the conflict solving,

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