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“Liberated”, Says Fauci As He Is Not Suppressed Anymore By Trump

The top medical advisor of Biden, Dr Anthony Fauci said on Thursday that he feels liberated as he is presently free to convey very scientific facts regarding the coronavirus, without any fear about repercussions he had to face during the administration of the former president Donald Trump.

What Dr Fauci went through was torturing since Trump’s attitude towards him was depressing and at the same time, he was sidelined from public briefings.

“Liberated”, Says Fauci As He Is Not Suppressed Anymore By Trump

Soon after Biden came into power, Fauci returned to the White House as a response to the measures Biden brought into the country.

“Liberated”, Says Fauci As He Is Not Suppressed Anymore By Trump

Biden initiated certain executive actions to overcome the current plight in the country both in the COVID-19 pandemic as well as what the previous administration left to harm the country.

Fauci said that being completely transparent, open, and honest is one of the major things to be done. Instead of pointing fingers when things went wrong, it is better to correct them and do everything according to science and evidence.

Fauci included that both Biden and he had a word with each other for 15 minutes and during which, Biden remarked it repeatedly.

Fauci was asked whether he would like to amend and clarify anything he said during the administration period of Trump.

As a response, Fauci said that he had always been candid, nothing wryly and because of that, he got in trouble sometimes during the previous presidency.

Trump used to take the coronavirus taskforce briefly and he often tried to downplay the virus. He also pushed miracle cures and scored political points. As a result, the public health advisors, including Dr. Faucy were forced to stay calm and walk a delicate line. 

Trump once mockingly said to inject the patients with disinfectant, however, the response coordinator Deborah Brinx kept silent. 

What Fauci went through was pathetic, as instead of taking appropriate measures according to his warnings, Trump used hard words to describe Fauci.

In October, during the presidential election rally of Trump, he said that Fauci is a disaster, and listening to him only causes the death of 500,000 Americans.

The people were also provoked during a rally in November where they chanted to fire Fauci, and Trump responded by saying that he might just do as they said.

Fauci was also asked on Thursday how he feels as he won’t be facing Looming from Trump over him. Fauci said that he obviously didn’t want to go back to what happened in the past, but it is clear that there were things that were uttered by Trump without any scientific base, and it was really uncomfortable to hear those.

Fauci also added that he has no pleasure in confronting the president, but he felt liberated since now he can speak freely based on scientific reasons.

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