Limitations For The Use Of Two Covid Antibody Treatments

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : February 1, 2022

The omicron variant was launched in America in November 2021 and now 99% of infections are caused by Omicron. The transmission rate of the new variant is so high that it hardly allows The Food and Drug Administration agency to believe that any patient is infected with a variant other than Omicron.  

Limitations For The Use Of Two Covid Antibody Treatments

Researchers are looking for the source of the Omicron variant. The spike protein within the virus is the major change between variants of Covid-19 like delta and omicron.   

Limitations For The Use Of Two Covid Antibody Treatments

The combo treatment with the use of a pair of monoclonal antibodies to cure Covid-19 infection has proved futile while treating for Omicron variant.

The failure of the treatment for Omicron infection has compelled the Food and Drug Administration to restrict the treatment use currently. Agency further stated that dual-based treatment should be imparted to patients infected with the variant that can be cured with it.

The new combo treatment is not authorized in the US since it shows very mild improvement against Omicron variant infection, which is spreading faster in the various states of the US.

The Food and Drug Administration agency further clarified that this combo treatment will be authorized only if any location or region is exposed to a new variant and the variant is inclined to this treatment.  

Though the US government rejected the new treatment for ineffectiveness, the same treatment has been accepted by governors of a few states and did not refrain from criticizing the Joe Biden government for halting the shipments for the treatment.

Jen Psaki, the White House press Secretary, ruled out criticism from the Florida Governor and other Republicans. Then the US administration was forced to resume the shipment though both the variants of Delta and Omicron dominated the entire country.

Surgeons from Florida emphasized that the Delta variant is still present in the country. They also opposed the fact that antibody treatments are less effective for the Omicron variant.

The combined doses of Regeneron’s treatment and Eli Lilly’s treatment have already been administered to 100,000 populations in the state, including Donald Trump, while he suffered from Covid-19 infection in 2020. The treatment does not affect omicron but has side effects. 

However, the researcher works on the next generation antibodies to build up a more potent treatment, which will have greater potential against the Omicron variant. They also believe that monoclonal antibodies, also known as proteins created in a lab, effectively avoid hospitalization among patients who are moderately infected with Covid-19.

The treatment is given to patients within 10 days in whom the symptoms are seen. The treatment involves injecting four doses, which provides antibodies to fight against coronavirus while the body’s immune system picks up. 

The pharmaceutical company named Regeneron Pharmaceuticals has reduced the risk of Covid-19 infection by around 80% within eight months with their combo pack. The lab study has shown that the treatment has no effect on Omicron. The booster doses are highly effective and help in reducing diseases and hospitalization. 

Based on a declaration from the Food and Drug Administration, government officials have clearly announced that further shipment of the dual medicine will be paused until further developments. 

The omicron strain of Covid-19 has been detected in two persons having travel history from Nigeria. The omicron variant has been termed as a “variant of concern” by WHO. People from other countries restrict travel to and from Africa where the new Omicron variant has been detected.  

The Food and Drug Administration agency has further clarified that the treatments are meant for patients with mild to moderate symptoms or infection.

However, patients categorized under high risk and may progress to get infected with severe disease should not choose any option other than vaccination, to protect themselves from this pandemic. Apart from vaccination, people are requested to wear masks and maintain social distance. 

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