Lionel Messi’s PSG Injury Blow After World Cup Admission

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : October 13, 2022

Lionel Messi is suffering from an injury for the time being. This is exactly before the commencement of the European game.

This game is all set to be launched in the city of Paris and against the team of Saint Germain. Messi is the most famous player in Argentina. He has not missed even a single opportunity to increase the collection of champions league titles. But the stars don’t favor him for the moment. 

This is because it has been for the second consecutive time that he has lost the opportunity to give his best performance due to external factors such as injury.

After Admitting To World Cup Lionel Messi Suffers A PSG Injury

He was an important part of the team to give a tough fight against the most dangerous group of the season, namely Maccabi and Benfica. But looking at the present situation, there is no possibility of his early return into the game to pull it off in the way he always wanted to. 

Lionel Messi's PSG Injury Blow After World Cup Admission

In one recent interview, Messi did admit his Desire to win the upcoming World Cup as the last opportunity to prove himself and establish his title.

He had already lost this chance in 2014 and was in no way prepared to compromise the same into 2022. Even if he recovers today, he could only appear in the fight against Qatar that is scheduled to be held 2 months after. 

What is the status now? 

Lionel Messi was undertaking the training and practice sessions. This happened while he was preparing against the Benfica team this Tuesday. The pain in his calf muscles multiplied during the practice sessions. 

But the training sessions were not solely responsible for his injury. Many experts also pointed toward an injury in the last game he played against Barcelona. On Saturday, when he was playing this game, he missed a goal due to a minor calf problem.

It represented that he had been suffering from some problems from the beginning of the season itself. He needs urgent medical treatment to be there to at least appear against the remaining teams. 

It was important for the Argentina star to defeat Benfica as a part of the upcoming match. Benfica has been one of the two teams in the Championship which has not been defeated even once throughout the season. To qualify for the quarters was Messi’s team’s last chance to give the best performance. 

But in the absence of this professional player, the team members have decided to give full confidence to Christopher. Christopher would lead the team in the upcoming match against Benfica to sustain the team’s survival in this Championship. It may not be favorable for this team to lose any match. That is why the coach and the other team members try their best to figure out a solution without Messi. 

The coach, in a recent interview, discussed the bleak possibility of the return of Messi so early into the game. Even Messi expected this world cup to be the last game of his life before seeking retirement. It is a sensitive situation not only from the individual’s perspective but also from the concern of a country as a whole. 

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Taking into consideration all of the factors, it becomes important to understand that there is no clarity with respect to the return of Messi.

He has consistently brought a huge amount of laurels to the country. The unfortunate incident is likely to have an impact on his career during the last phase. It will be premature to assume the match in which she would be making a comeback after the injury. 

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