A Lipid Test Can Predict Diabetes Decades Before It Occurs

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : March 7, 2022

A new study has shown that lipid profiling can help to detect the risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes way before the symptoms start. The lipid test can predict the risk of such diseases decades before onset by analyzing the different types of fat in the blood. The risk assessment for cardiovascular disease and diabetes is done by assessing the family history of the disease, current lifestyle, and simple blood tests.

A Lipid Test Can Predict Diabetes Decades Before It Occurs

Interestingly, the normal blood test focuses only on two major blood lipids types, which is not enough to predict the risk accurately. It is important to understand that our blood has more than a hundred types of lipids that affect different functions of the body. In this regard, testing rigorously for more lipids is the best way to assess the risk for diabetes and cardiovascular conditions in a better way.

A Lipid Test Can Predict Diabetes Decades Before It Occurs

The researchers analyzed the lipids in a rigorous way, and this increased the accuracy of risk assessment to a large extent. After that, they created a risk model to assess the risk of such diseases after analyzing the blood test reports.

Researchers are happy with the outcome as this can predict the risk of such diseases years before onset. This is a major breakthrough, and it helps doctors to suggest suitable lifestyle and dietary changes to the patients to avoid such conditions in the future. With proper precautions, the diseases can be completely avoided in the future. This also gives better insights into how the disease emerges in various individuals, and this data can be combined with genetic risk factors to get the complete picture.

It is also important from the point of view of developing new drugs for the diseases. When the researchers are able to identify the lipids that increase the risk for cardiovascular diseases and diabetes, new drugs can be developed to curtail the effects of such lipids in the body. In this manner, preventive medication can be developed for such conditions in the future.

Experts are hopeful that researchers will be able to expand the study to various other diseases in the long run. As lipidomic risk provides comprehensive information about various risk factors in the body, studying it in a detailed manner can help doctors predict various other diseases before they begin in the body. In this way, the scope of this test can be expanded to treat various conditions.

When it comes to treating cardiovascular conditions, early detection of the problem can help doctors to avoid various medications in the long run. As less dosage of medication is required in the early stages, patients undergo less stress, and the body can recover easily in quick time from the problem.

On the other hand, when the situation is complicated, the patients may even need surgery and long-term therapy to recover from the disease. Due to these reasons, preventing the disease should be given importance. Early detection of the disease can help doctors treat the condition with a better outcome in many ways.

Similarly, the risk of diabetes is usually identified by analyzing the family history of the patient along with other comorbid conditions. The lifestyle of the patient also plays an important role apart from genetics with regards to developing diabetes. In this regard, the new way of analyzing the risk through lipid profiling can provide early warning about the risk of diabetes in such patients. This helps the doctors to prescribe suitable medication to avoid the disease in the future. The patient can also make suitable alterations to the diet and lifestyle to avert the disease.

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