Lizzo And Her ‘Mystery’ Boyfriend On Red Carpet Debut!

Special Correspondent | Last Updated : June 11, 2022

Lizzo and her partner Myke Wright made their first red carpet debut on June 3 at the DGA Theater Complex in Los Angeles for an event for their Amazon Prime Video reality series, Lizzo’s Watch Out with the Big Grrrls.

Lizzo And Her ‘Mystery’ Boyfriend On Red Carpet Debut!

In contrast with the comedian’s stylish pinstripe suit, both wore black turtlenecks and had braided hair. After months of mocking, it’s understandable. Lizzo acknowledged her relationship with Andy Cohen in an open interview back in April.

Lizzo And Her ‘Mystery’ Boyfriend On Red Carpet Debut!

Later in the month, on April 16 and 26, Myke was spotted standing by his girlfriend’s side during her Saturday Night Live hosting role and at her 34th birthday party. She’s falling for him, as the whispers have it. She admitted to being “a little bit” in love when talking about her next album and highlighted that her new song is influenced by romance. “It’s a love record,” she told Variety in February of this year. “I’m astounded,” says the speaker.

Who Is Myke Wright, Lizzo’s Fiance?

Wright, like Lizzo, is a very inventive person. As Wright disclosed in an interview with VoyageLA in 2020, his upbringing was centered in the Detroit area, where he attended acting school as well as painting and guitar lessons, all of which he used to perform solos and with his two bands.

The Grey Level and Phresh Heir were two of Wright’s bands when he was an adolescent. As a result of their support and encouragement, he decided to make the journey to Los Angeles in 2012.

What Is Myke Wright’s Occupation?

After coming to Los Angeles, Wright began doing stand-up comedy, and he’s had a great deal of success in this area, with performances on programs like Laughs and Adam Devine’s House Party, among many others. In reality, he initially met Lizzo via a comedy chance.

Wright is also a musician and will release the EP KANDIA in 2020 in addition to his comedic work. The Detroit-based fashion brand EMLE is only one example of Wright’s further design work, which includes a focus on social and environmental responsibility, as well as a focus on aesthetics.

It’s Not Clear When Myke Wright And Lizzo First Met.

Lizzo and Wright worked together as presenters of MTV’s Wonderland in 2016, a music-focused event that attempted to “showcase the hottest tunes via innovative live performances,” however it’s not verified that this was their first formal meeting. Their on-screen connection seemed to have carried over into real life.

Until 2021, Lizzo and Wright were just supposed to have a romantic relationship on the horizon. There have been several sightings and hints that the pair have been seeing each other since March 2021, according to Us Weekly.

When Lizzo made her red carpet debut earlier this month, she verified that she was seeing a person who didn’t care about her stardom, and now it’s official: Lizzo and Wright are in a relationship.

How Long Have Myke Wright And Lizzo Been Together?

In March 2021, The U.S. Sun published the first images of Lizzo and Wright kissing and embracing in Malibu, California. As a result, it’s difficult to tell when Lizzo first began dating or when they became an exclusive pair since she shared an Instagram update titled “SINGLE.”

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