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Long Term Covid A New Threat, President Biden Assures Federal Protection

Is covid-19 a one-time infection that is gone after a patient recovers? The US Department of Health and Human Services who have access to data that suggests that there are likely to be long term effects of Covid-19 and that symptoms such as muscle and joint pains, headaches, heart and bone problems are likely to surface at a later stage and the effect may be much longer than originally believed. 

The center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the United States confirmed that persistent new and even symptoms such as fatigue, loss of taste and smell, fever and headaches can continue or resurface more than 4 weeks after patients have recovered. The CDC referred to cases where there have been more serious post-recovery complications such as multi-organ failure including damage to the kidney, heart, lungs, brain and even the skin. The CDC, however, added that long-term covid symptoms are not consistent and the actual number of people affected is unknown.

Long Term Covid A New Threat, President Biden Assures Federal Protection

An organization called Fair health from New York has conducted a nationwide survey and has found that 23% out of nearly 2 million covid patients have developed at least one medical problem more than 4 weeks after their initial diagnosis. Fair health was born in 2009 out of a need for insurance companies to create problems while reimbursing claims from patients.

President Joe Biden made a surprise announcement during the 31st anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act on Monday 26 July at the White House where Vice President Kamala Harris was also present. President Biden’s announcement about Americans experiencing long-term effects of covid 19 qualifyings for disability resources from the federal government was appreciated. The President also announced that the US government is getting concerned agencies together to ensure that Americans with the term effects of Covid, now being called Long Covid, receive their due under the disability law. 

Long Term Covid A New Threat, President Biden Assures Federal Protection

The Department of Health and Human Services along with the Department of justice shall provide guidance to the US government on the issue of whether the long-term effects of long covid can qualify as a disability if it threatens or impedes one or more basic human functions. This basically indicates that patients with persisting long covid symptoms are protected from discrimination under federal laws.

The HHS guidance, however, comes with a clause that every case of long Covid is to check and assessed for a patient to be eligible for the facilities under the Disability act.

The support that patients with confirmed effects of long covid shall get includes providing assistance at gas stations, allowing a service animal with a patient with dizziness and more time during examinations for students with concentration issues.  

   The HHS guidance also includes community resources for those suffering from the aftereffects of long covid. The United States labor department has released a new website that provides details about the symptoms of long covid that qualify for support as well as information on the benefits patients are eligible to.

The issue of long covid raises another issue for concern. Americans recovering from Covid are now prone to the aftereffects as well.     

As cases of the new Delta variant of the Sars-COV-2 virus are causing infections to rise rapidly in the United States, there is an increasing need for more Americans to come out for getting themselves vaccinated. There is now a long-term threat of long covid which is not just a one-time disease. 

President Biden’s announcement could not have come at a better time when many of his fellow citizens are feeling insecure and vulnerable. 

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