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The Long-Term Effects Of Covid-19 Have Dropped By 50%

The Covid-19 pandemic has kept everyone on the edges of their seats. Every moment feels to be a part where anything can happen. The last few months have been difficult. Those who made it can relate to it and those who did not have unfortunately left for the heavenly journey.

Amid all this, positive news has emerged. This will cheer you up and keep your faith alive.

The Long-Term Effects Of Covid-19 Have Dropped By 50%

According to a study published in The Lancet Infectious Diseases journal, adults who have taken both shots of the vaccine are safe from catching and suffering from any long-term symptoms of Covid-19.

The Long-Term Effects Of Covid-19 Have Dropped By 50%

The study concluded that people who were fully vaccinated had 49% less chance of suffering from the long-term illness caused due to Covid-19. Other data relates to the reduced risk of hospitalization and acute symptoms at 73% and 31% respectively.

The study was conducted in the United Kingdom. The sample size included 971,000 participants who had received both the shots and 1.2 million participants who had received a single shot. The study was conducted between December 08, 2021, and July 04, 2021.

The reduced risk of suffering from illness also implies that everyone is gradually bound to show symptoms. The symptoms would comparatively be mild among those who are fully vaccinated. Some symptoms that may appear over time are loss of taste, headaches, fever, cough, fatigue, and sneezing, with sneezing being the most appearing symptoms in everyone irrespective of their vaccination status.

Being fully vaccinated not just makes a person safer from the unvaccinated one but also reduces the chances of suffering from more than one symptom of Covid-19 at a time. This is great news as multiple symptoms lead to a more serious situation and being fully vaccinated saves a person from this trouble.

The study has mentioned the fact that while people living in rich areas were fortunate to experience this news, people from less fortunate areas were not on the same page. They are at a higher risk of getting seriously ill even after getting the first shot of the vaccine. People who have aged to seniority and those who have serious health conditions were also at higher risk.

Two known personalities have issued a statement in this regard.

Claire Steves, a Lead Researcher from King’s College London, said that the older section of the population and people living in the deprived part of society were at higher risk irrespective of their vaccination status. Hence, she has sought action to get them vaccinated with the second dose on an urgent basis and also urged them to get the booster shot.

Keeping this speed bump aside, everything is going in a good direction.

Tim Spector, the Lead Investigator of the Covid Symptoms Study, has added to this fact. He said that getting both doses was helping in two ways.

  1. The risk of catching long-term symptoms was being reduced by 8-10 folds; and,
  2. The chance of any infection turning into Covid-19 was being reduced by 50%.

Quite truly, the only way to escape from the serious illness of Covid-19 is getting administered on time with both shots. Therefore, he has encouraged everyone to build immunity against the virus by getting fully vaccinated as soon as possible.

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