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Los Angeles Gets Devastated By COVID-19 Pandemic

Los Angeles is in utter chaos with the aggressive attacks of the pandemic.

The situation is pathetic in LA since there are 10 people to be tested positive for COVID-19 in every single minute.

The death rate also became the highest, where a person dies every 8 minutes. The hospitals are run out of oxygen cylinders and have no room to accept patients.

Los Angeles Gets Devastated By COVID-19 Pandemic

Even hallways of hospitals are full of patients, and hospitals are forced to arrange outdoor tents to admit more patients.

Los Angeles Gets Devastated By COVID-19 Pandemic

The ICU capacity in LA has threateningly declined to zero. Ambulances are roaming throughout the state since no hospitals accept patients anymore as those are over-crowded right now. 

Los Angeles has already become the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic in California. Presently, the county is running out of space to store the bodies of victims. There is also a struggle to secure additional capacity for storing the bodies. 

The spokeswoman Sarah Ardalani said that currently, there are around 600 bodies have been kept at the Los Angeles Medical Examiner Coroner’s Office.

This is more than the capacity of 500 bodies. Out of 600, 150 of them overflown from hospitals that ran out of space.

To manage the flood of bodies, the National Guard has arrived in the county. Since the hospitals are striving with the overflow of patients, the doctors called their wards war zones. 

The residents of LA would be urged to forebear from going to grocery stores, and they are more likely to be asked to wear masks even at home.

Earlier, during the initial phase of the pandemic, LA could successfully overcome the sp[read of the virus, but the early success wasn’t long-lasting.

Early success can be one of the major reasons for the city to reach the present chaos. 

Karin Michels, the chairman of the department of epidemiology at the UCLA Fielding School of Public Health said that New York’s people were very scared so that they behaved to save the city. In LA also people were careful but with the initial success, people started to relax and ignored the rules.

Leo Beletsky, a resident and a professor at the Northern University said that during the initial wave, the county was the poster child on how to do things right, then it blew the lead.

Paula Cannon, an expert on viruses and professor of microbiology and immunology at the Keck School of Medicine of USC said that she never understood the fact that why people ever thought it is possible to contain the virus.

She added that the pandemic became a forest fire with embers everywhere, once it stepped into the general community. 

She also said that the elevating numbers are simply math as once the virus is out there, the numbers will keep going upwards.

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