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Los Angeles Students Required To Get The Covid Vaccine Before Returning To School

The superintendent of Los Angeles Unified School, Austin Beutner, stated that students would have to receive the covid-19 vaccines before they can return to school.

The vaccination should be taken at the earliest as soon as it is available for the students. The school authorities said that all students are likely to get vaccinated by the end of this year.

Los Angeles Students Required To Get The Covid Vaccine Before Returning To School

Beutner said that this was similar to the regular requirement of schools with regards to measles and mumps vaccines.

Los Angeles Students Required To Get The Covid Vaccine Before Returning To School

Several parents are still skeptical about the vaccine, and they prefer to continue with online classes due to the risk of infection on the campus.

As of now, the covid-19 vaccines are not exclusively tested with children, and the vaccine manufacturers are likely to continue further testing in this regard in the next few months.

Pfizer vaccine can be used for people over the age of 16, and the company has begun testing in children as young as 12 since October. However, clinical trials are likely to continue for the next few months, according to company officials.

After the clinical test is completed in children, the FDA will decide whether it is safe to be used in this age group.

Considering all these hurdles, it is evident that the covid-19 vaccine is not likely to be available for children in the next few months.

Most of the vaccine manufacturers are focusing on providing vaccination to the general public, and the emphasis is given to senior citizens who are more vulnerable to catching the infection.

Not only that, senior citizens are more likely to need hospitalization and other emergency services if they are infected with covid-19 as they usually suffer from compromised immunity due to age-related factors.

On the other hand, recent data has shown that children were less likely to get infected with covid-19. The reason for this disparity is not known, and the general belief is that young people have a better immunity when compared to elderly people.

Due to this reason, the chances of getting infected or developing complicated symptoms are less likely in young people.

Some health experts are of the opinion that children usually do not get very sick from covid-19. One of the top reasons for this may be the fact that children usually take several other vaccines, and they may have a good number of antibodies to defend against any virus.

However, children are likely to spread the virus to others as they usually move in close proximity with elders and other people in the community.

Apart from that, children also get involved in sports and other activities and usually stay in a group when they are on the school campus. This also increases the risk of a huge surge in new covid cases unless they are vaccinated.

According to recent statistics available from the health department, less than 2 million youth have been infected with coronavirus across the country. Among them, only About 8000 hospitalized, and about 160 people have succumbed to the infection.

The numbers are very small when compared to the overall figure of 22 million infections and more than 375,000 deaths due to covid-19 across the country.

Even though the authorities in Los Angeles have suggested that students need to be compulsorily vaccinated before they can return to school, they have not mentioned that schools will stay closed till all the children are vaccinated.

As of now, an approved vaccine is not available for children, and it may take many months before it is available in the market.

Considering this situation, the schools are likely to make vaccination mandatory for children only when it becomes available in the market.

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