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A low Rate Of Covid-19 Vaccine Dose For Adults

The United States is all set to open up again after the pandemic for this summer. People are waiting to restart their life and to experience a bit of normalcy. 

But the safety of people can only be guaranteed if the maximum population is vaccinated against the covid 19 infections and herd immunity is likely to be achieved. 

A low Rate Of Covid-19 Vaccine Dose For Adults

While the vaccination programs were started at a really great pace in many states of the US, the rate of vaccination is still low in many vulnerable parts of the country. Opening up of the public places and other lifts off on the covid 19 restrictions can be a risk for such regions. 

A low Rate Of Covid-19 Vaccine Dose For Adults

The parts in several states in the US that still have a low vaccination rate can become the next pandemic hotspots. It is going to put the overall progress made by the nation at risk. 

As per the data revealed by the centre for disease control and prevention, the average rate of vaccination in the United States is just over one million doses per day that are being administered.

This rate is far below than what was in the month of April. At that time, the average vaccination rate per day was about 3.3 million. 

As per the CDC data, it is reported that 64% of the adult population in the United States has received their first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine. While 54% of adults are known to have received both the doses. The data just revealed that President Biden’s target of vaccinating 70% of the citizens with at least a single dose by July 4  is likely not to meet.

The regions that have a low vaccination rate in the adult population includes Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee and Wyoming. As per the report given by CDC this week, less than half of the population has received a single dose of Covid-19 vaccine. 

The reason behind the disparity lies not only in the geographic restrictions but also there is a social economic factor into play. Mamy health officials are concerned about the inaccessibility to the Covid-19 vaccine due to these factors. Such differences are going to affect the overall vaccination rate in the states. 

Kaiser family foundation has recently released a statistical report about the vaccination accessibility and administration drive. As per the report, there is an underrepresentation of Black and Hispanic people among the vaccinated group in the United States. 

The report suggested that the white people who have received at least one dose of the Covid-19 vaccine are 2.4 times higher than the Black ones. When compared with the Hispanic race, their White counterparts are 1.3 times more likely to have received at least one single dose of the vaccine.

The data was collected from 41 states that report the racial and ethnic data about the vaccinated population. But the KFF mentioned a positive aspect as well. According to their report, the situation has been improving since the past week, with an increase in percentage of the Black and Hispanic people getting vaccinated against deadly diseases. 

Health experts are concerned that the opening of the states and the lift-off of the restrictions might put the unvaccinated population at risk. They are concerned that the new Delta variant identified in India and spreading in the United Kingdom can be fatal to this group. 

However, the people who have received both Pfizer or Moderna vaccine doses have enough immunity against the virus. A boost in the vaccination program is required to attain herd immunity. Then only one can be sure of opening up everything so that people are not at risk. 

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