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Lung Damage Caused By COVID Is One Of The Latest Findings Of Trials

People affected with COVID for a longer duration have been detected with lung damage. Special trials have been launched and scans using xenon gas showed damage that could not be scanned in usual CT scans. Patients from Sheffield, Manchester, and Cardiff were put on these newly designed scans. If someone is suffering from fatigue, muscle ache, and diarrhea and shows more than one of these symptoms they are termed to be suffering from Long Covid.

Lung Damage Caused By COVID Is One Of The Latest Findings Of Trials

Professor Nick Lemoine a medical director says that large-scale studies to characterize the disease and understand it better have to be launched. Trials are going to examine the effectiveness of drugs on more than 4,500 patients in six cities.

Lung Damage Caused By COVID Is One Of The Latest Findings Of Trials

The general public is loaded with queries and is unable to understand the seriousness of the illness. Doctor Amitava Banerjee, associate professor in clinical data science at University College London said that mild organ impairments existed across multiple organs.

Trials and studies have to be performed where profiles of long Covid patients have to be determined to check whether it affects memory or decision-making ability and speed. App-based tests of therapies will be tried along with brain scans. Studies are to be performed to analyze brain volume changes and are the connections are affected because of the virus penetrating into neural pathways.

There are many challenges in performing this research. The main problem is examining the Covid in people who were not been hospitalized even with long Covid. Middle-aged people and especially women were most prone to be affected by Covid. A study performed by the University of Birmingham suggested that people with more than five symptoms of having a virus were most probably getting the virus.

Lemoine said that younger people are less prone to be affected by long Covid. Test results showed that the prevalence of Covid in school-age children and young adults is comparatively less than with middle-aged or aged people.

Fergus Gleeson a radiology professor has been studying why viruses cause “brain fog”.

Mild and moderate cases

Infection can travel to the respiratory tract but our immune system fights back! Lungs can become inflamed. Most of them affected by Covid-19 get mild to moderate symptoms. Few get diagnosed with pneumonia. As swelling progresses lungs get filled with fluid and debris. You may have trouble breathing or may experience shortness of breath.

Covid-19 and its serious complications

It takes a huge time to get better after you are down with COVID. More tiredness than usual can be seen. Cough can persist even after recovering from COVID-19. Studies are yet to confirm whether these illnesses are temporary or permanent.

Severe and Critical Cases

Around 14 percent of COVID cases are severe with lungs getting infected. In many cases, infection will damage the walls and linings of the air sacs in the lungs. The body finds it difficult to swap oxygen and Carbon dioxide. In severe cases, lungs need an external help of a machine called a ventilator. In some other cases, a lung replacement may be needed.

Also, a study published in the medical journal of Lancet found that those with already existing conditions were likely to suffer from complications even if they are young. 

Doctors still don’t know how a Covid illness can cause organ damage. In some rare cases, it is seen that body’s own immune system can trigger an inflammatory response and affect healthy tissue.

Paul Godfrey a 31-year-old said he experienced the worst in his life after suffering from a chest infection. His bottom lungs had collapsed and he surprisingly evaded being slipped into a coma.

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