Madison County Poultry Has Been Found To Have Avian Influenza

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : October 10, 2022

In one of the recent updates, it has been brought forward by the Arkansas Department of Agriculture that cases of Avian Influenza have been reportedly increasing in poultry farms.

This has caused a major sign of worry amongst the managers of poultry farms. Avian Influenza is a contagious disease that can easily spread across Madison County in a very short period.

Not only this, but it has a higher tendency to get communicated from one flock to another. This is because even eye secretions and nasal releases can increase the possibility of this kind of Influenza.

Avian Influenza Confirmed In Madison County Poultry

It has caused a major sign of worry to all the people who own Poultry Farms and has brought the poultry industry to a standstill because the main aim of the Government and the private poultry farm owners is to quarantine the chickens and hens who have been tested positive for the disease. 

Madison County Poultry Has Been Found To Have Avian Influenza

This is a crucial toss because it requires the effort of a lot of people, and despite that, the chances of success are very low because the incidences of the point of contact between the flock cannot be monitored every time.

These cases have complicated this situation, and all people have been advised not to consume any chicken and meat because even if it is possible to control Influenza amongst poultry Birds, it might be difficult to control the same among humans. 

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What is the Government planning to do? 

The Government wants to control every kind of opportunity with the help of which the spread of this infection increases. It has issued many guidelines to poultry farm owners in this regard.

For instance, the vehicles’ movement must be controlled near the poultry farms. Also, the Government does not want any connection between the birds of different farms. 

The number of people who would enter the poultry farms has to be limited only to the essential workers and the caretakers. All the items which have to be used inside a poultry farm should be disinfected to kill the germs with a great amount of efficiency.

It is also advisable to monitor the health of all the birds, and If they are falling ill, they have to get admitted to the doctor as soon as possible. This is essential because this will discontinue the chain of infection and increase the chances of recovery. 

What is the status now? 

The current status is stable because only a single case has been reported. The infected bird has been isolated from other birds, and the remaining birds of the same poultry farm have tested positive to see if the infection has improved. The infected bird has been admitted to the hospital and is also in the mode of recovery so far. 

In such a situation, the efforts of the Government to control the situation have to be appreciated because it is only because of this that this infection has been controlled so far.

The Government is also planning a vaccination drive for all poultry farms so that the future incidence of this infection is prevented completely. It has already begun negotiating with other countries to import these vaccinations. This will increase the average rate of Return. 


This is one of the best methods with the help of which an individual can get whatever he wants. With the help of consistent efforts, an infection like this can be prevented over time.

The Government has strictly advised all poultry farmers to take the best possible decision and increase the possibility of growth and development. This helps save the poultry industry. 


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