Heavy Drinkers Who Use Magic Mushrooms May Find It Easier To Stop

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : August 26, 2022

If you are looking for a natural solution that enables even the heavy drinkers to quit drinking then, you have to opt for the magic mushroom. Psychedelic mushrooms have a special inherent compound and this compound helps heavy drinkers to cut back and quit drinking altogether. These mushrooms have psilocybin to control alcoholism. Several species of mushrooms possess psilocybin within them and this causes intense hallucinations for a very long time.

Due to psilocybin’s nature of causing tremendous hallucinations, it is prohibited in several countries including the United States of America. Although states like Oregon have decriminalized the use of psilocybin, they have decided to allow its usage when supervised by licensed facilitators, owing to its benefit in helping heavy drinkers quit. 

Psychedelic Magic Mushroom May Help Heavy Drinkers To Quit Alcohol

Scientists have recently started researching and they are conducting multiple experiments to study if mushrooms containing psilocybin can ease depression and also support long-term smokers to quit smoking.

Heavy Drinkers Who Use Magic Mushrooms May Find It Easier To Stopl

A study was conducted with 93 patients. All the patients were instructed to intake a capsule. Some capsules contain psilocybin and some are dummy pills. The patients were advised to rest by laying on a couch and closing their eyes. They were also given the benefit of listening to recorded music while resting. This study was conducted in two sessions. Each session was conducted one month apart and accompanied by twelve sessions of therapy talk. 

At the end of the study, it was observed that patients who consumed psilocybin showed great improvement when compared to those who took the dummy pill. The people who consumed psilocybin drank heavily only one in ten days as compared to people who took the normal pill as they drank heavily once every four days. Another interesting fact observed during the study was that almost half the people who consumed psilocybin stopped drinking altogether and their performance was compared with 24 percent of the control group. 

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The research was officially published by the JAMA Psychiatry which noted these mushrooms were the first of modern, rigorous, and controlled trials in experimenting on whether these mushrooms are capable of helping people who are heavy drinkers.

Over the past 20 years, there were only three drugs used to minimize alcohol consumption. These drugs are named disulfiram, naltrexone, and acamprosate and these were the only drugs approved to treat alcohol use disorder. 

Psilocybin is said to reorganize how a brain operates. It increases the level of connections in your brain and rewires its function. It sends a signal to the brain to control the urge to drink alcohol. It enables different components of the brain to interact with one another.

When Psilocybin is consumed at regular intervals as advised by the medical expert and combined with regular talk therapy, it helps in rewiring your brain to break all the bad and negative habits that are harmful to your body and helps your brain to adopt new attitudes. With regular consumption, you could see a visible shift in the functional organization of your brain, and this change will be permanent.

Many people have reported positively on the usage of Psilocybin and stated Psilocybin helped them stop their drinking ages. A real case study of a patient before and after the consumption of Psilocybin was noted. Before consumption of Psilocybin, the individual had a minimum of five to six drinks every day and struggled with controlling the urges. But after her first experience with Psilocybin, she was able to stop drinking entirely for almost two years. The therapy associated with this process has also helped her significantly. By rewiring your brain Psilocybin makes alcohol uninteresting to your brain. Many studies are conducted in this regard to note if consumption of Psilocybin, also helps heavy smokers and if the benefits of Psilocybin are long-lasting.


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