Magic Wealth and Success Obsidian Reviews – A Power To Bring Endless Abundance & Wealth?

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Magic Wealth and Success Obsidian is a unique bracelet that has the power to raise energy vibrations and attract wealth and prosperity. It was created by Alexander Wilson after his heavy research into the ancient civilizations and Feng Shui scriptures. Also known as the Tiger Eye Pixui bracelet, it releases all the negative energy from your life and brings in an abundance of positivity. Upon wearing it, you can expect a sea of endless opportunities that boost your finances and manifests all your deep wishes. It protects you from bad luck and mishaps which makes you feel immune. The bracelet also enables you to achieve inner peace and enjoy a life of fulfillment.

Magic Wealth and Success Obsidian Reviews – A Unique Bracelet To Raise Energy Vibrations!

Read on into this Magic Wealth and Success Obsidian review to find out if the product works the way it assures. 

Magic Wealth & Success Obsidian reviews
Product NameMagic Wealth and Success Obsidian
Main BenefitsRemoves all negative energy from your life and prevents its re-entry.
Price $59.00
AvailabilityOnly through the official website
Official WebsiteClick here

What is Magic Wealth & Success Obsidian?

The Magic Wealth and Success Obsidian Tiger Fixui bracelet is proven to be an actual lucky charm. The majority of men and women who use this bracelet are said to be enjoying the best times of their life.

Made using Pixui statue, obsidian stones, and Tiger’s Eye, the bracelet acts as a Feng Shui Holy Trinity. Each of them possesses the ability to attract positivity, increase mental clarity and transform energy vibrations into wealth.

They are outsourced from Latin America, Australia, and South Africa due to the availability of high quality and mass. These elements are also confirmed to be quite authentic and genuine.

Magic Wealth and Success Obsidian include a variety of bonuses that are meant to provide guidance and enhance your results. 

The man behind Magic Wealth & Success Obsidian

Alexander Wilson used to be just another person struggling with financial distress. His unexpected encounter with the Feng Shui master named Jian Lin is known to have led to the creation of this obsidian bracelet. The bracelet was designed after his immense research into the 

Magic Wealth & Success Obsidian creator

How Tiger Eye Pixiu Bracelet help you?

To start with, let’s break down each part of the magic wealth bracelet. 

  • Black Obsidian: It helps to cleanse your soul and life from negative energy and convert it into positive energy. 
  • Pixiu: It allows you to utilize the positive energy to attract luxury. 
  • Tiger’s eye stone: It gives you the strength to become more self-confident and achieve an increased mental clarity to grab golden opportunities. It also helps you to find happiness and provides protection from bad luck. 

Aside from these features, what makes this obsidian bracelet more reliable and useful is that it is not time-consuming. The usual wealth manifestation programs are inclusive of strict meditation practices.

Hypnotherapy sessions and manifestation books are expensive too. And again tarot readings and astrology cannot be fully depended on as the predictions may not be accurate all the time.

Hence, it can be seen that the Tiger Eye Fixui bracelet is much more convenient and helpful as you don’t have to spend a lot of money or time to manifest what you desire.

Based on various Magic Wealth and Success Obsidian reviews, it easily harmonizes you with good vibes and brings in nothing but positivity. Furthermore, the results are instantaneous which saves you a lot of time and energy from anticipation. 

Magic Wealth & Success Obsidian objects

Tiger Eye Pixiu Bracelet benefits

By wearing the tiger pixiu bracelet exactly as instructed, you are likely to achieve the following benefits- 

  • Within a short time, you experience a massive flow of money into your life. 
  • Your inner peace rises at a rapid level which makes you calmer and more self-confident. 
  • The harsh setbacks that you were struggling with naturally begin to fade away. 
  • More and more individuals with positive energy enter your life and show you the right path to achieve your dreams.  
  • You feel more energetic and can utilize the best of your luck and acquire the power to grab even the rarest opportunities easily and quickly. 
  • You find the right means to unleash your full potential and live your life to the fullest. 

How to use Tiger Eye Pixiu Bracelet?

According to the creator, you need to wear the magic fixui bracelet on your left hand. This is because the ancient Feng Shui scriptures symbolize the right hand as the wealth provider.

And, the left hand for receiving abundance and prosperity. Therefore, you need to always make sure that you are wearing the bracelet on your left wrist.

By doing so, you will immediately feel a wave of energy seeping into your body. This makes you acquire a sense of peace you never felt before.

Based on Magic Wealth and Success Obsidian reviews, the Tiger Pixiu bracelet brings you an abundance of wealth within seconds after you wear it.

By keeping this bracelet by the windowsill under the moonlight, you can easily recharge it as well. As you carry this lucky charm with you everywhere, your surroundings are said to be filled with vibrant positive energy. You will also be able to find new opportunities and insights. 

Magic Wealth & Success Obsidian working

Pros and cons of Tiger Eye Pixiu Bracelet


  • Removes all negative energy from your life and prevents its re-entry. 
  • Attracts endless wealth and prosperity. 
  • Enables you to live the life you desire. 
  • Fills your soul with positive vibrations. 
  • Keeps you financially protected for the rest of your life. 
  • Provides a life-transforming experience.
  • Bonus packages of audio tracks, printable affirmations, and a quick start guide. 
  • Cheaper price despite the expensive bonuses and the original high-quality bracelet. 
  • Risk-free purchase due to the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. 


  • Does not provide any results if not used correctly. 

Tiger Eye Pixiu Bracelet bonuses 

These are special limited-time bonuses and are as follows-

  • Pixiu Wealth Harmonization (audio track): This is a type of ceremony that helps you to remove all the financial hindrances and generate prosperity. 
  • Magic Obsidian Ceremony (audio track): It helps to use the power of the obsidian stone to remove all the negativity within you and raise your vibrations. It is also the perfect ceremony to perform while using an obsidian bracelet. 
  • Tiger Eye Confidence Power Booster Ceremony (audio track): This one helps you to become more assertive and self-confident.
  • Magic Wealth & Success Obsidian Tiger Eye Pixiu Bracelet Quick Start Guide: It shows you the exact procedure to use the Tiger Pixiu bracelet and attract maximum wealth. 
  • Magic Wealth & Success Obsidian Tiger Eye Pixiu Bracelet Printable Affirmations: It helps you to recharge your bracelet and increase its power. Thus you can raise your vibrations and manifest an abundance of prosperity. 

Tiger Eye Pixiu Bracelet pricing & Where to get it?

Magic Wealth and Success Obsidian Tiger Eye Pixiu Bracelet including the 5 exciting bonuses are available at just $59. Your purchase is protected by a no-questions-asked 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. As the creator is quite sure of the resultant benefits of this package,  a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee is also assured. 

Magic Wealth and Success Obsidian can be bought only from their official website. Many websites sell these bracelets and tiger eyes stones at cheaper prices. But beware that these are fake and are of poor quality. The recommended website is proven to sell real and high-quality obsidian bracelets. 

Magic Wealth and Success Obsidian Reviews – Final Verdict 

The Tiger Fixui bracelet is known to have the power to bring endless abundance. It gives you a new sense of joy and meaning to life as you harmonize with the energy around you. 

By wearing it correctly, you experience unlimited freedom and peace. The bracelet helps you to achieve spiritual awakening as well as the power to battle life obstacles by barely doing anything.

As mentioned in Magic Wealth and Success Obsidian review, your vibrations are lifted to positive energy which naturally helps you manifest wealth and prosperity.

Therefore, you become financially secure for life. Not to mention, your health improves significantly making you feel energetic every day. With the seemingly endless opportunities entering your life, you gain the power to live as per your desires.

More than thousands of people around the world confirm to have experienced these results. The obsidian bracelet adheres to the quality standards and thus, can be trusted to provide satisfactory effects. The money-back-guarantee and bonus tracks make the product further attractive. 

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