Who Was The Main Character In The Nana Anime?

Who Was The Main Character In The Nana Anime

Nana is a Japanese comic series scripted and created by Ai Yazawa that stars a cast of imaginary characters, two of whom share the name, Nana. The show revolves around their friendship and lives as they pursue their individual goals. 

Was There A Main Character In The Nana Anime? See More About It

Nana Komatsu is from a small town and after that, she relocated to Tokyo to fulfill her dream life with her buddies and with her boyfriend. Nana Oosaki was a member of a well-known rock group in her area.

Nana Oosaki’s pals include her Black Stones (Blast) colleagues and a previous bandmate who is now in the Trapnest band.

Who Was The Main Character In The Nana Anime

In 2005, turned the comic into a real-time film, followed by a sequel in 2006. During April 2006 and March 2007,  an anime which was directed by Morio Asaka was aired on Nippon TV.

Viz Media serialized the manga in the Shojo Beat magazine until the August 2007 edition. 

And it got a license to be dubbed in English and to be released in the northern part of America. Both films were released in 2008, and the English dub of the anime began airing on the Funimation Channel in September 2009.

Nana was awarded the 48th Shogakukan Manga Award for Shjo manga in 2002. The comic has around 50 million copies on sale as of 2019. You can watch the Nana series on Amazon Prime and Netflix.

Nana Osaki:

Nana Osaki, who is a 20-year-old lady, goes to Tokyo with her band and with Black Stones to achieve a professional music career. 

Her dream is to perform as a lead vocalist. Her mother abandoned Nana O. at an early age. She never saw her biological father, forcing her to grow up with her grandma. Nana O. was solitary during high school and was hated by her mates until Nobu met her.

Nana Komatsu:

Nana Komatsu, a 20-year-old woman, relocates to Tokyo to be closer to her friends and lover, Shoji. Nana K., known for her vivid imagination, frequently puts her tragedies on the “devil lord.”

Nana K. begins an on-again, off-again romance with Takumi following splitting up with Shoji while also having a relationship with Nobu.

Nobuo Terashima:

He is Nana O.’s best buddy from high school. He is known as Nobu, the guitarist of the Black Stones. After befriending Nana O. through punk music during their sophomore year of high school. Nobu connects her to Ren, a junior high school acquaintance, and Yasu, where they created Black Stones.  

Except for the rest of the Black Stones, Nobu does not like to smoke and he doesn’t have any tolerance for alcohol.

He is from a very affluent family which operates a Japanese-style inn and disowns him when he tells them about his passion for music.

Ren Honjo:

Ren, who goes by the stage moniker “Ren,” is Trapnest’s guitarist. Before being recruited, he was the original bassist for the Black Stones and Nana O.’s boyfriend.

Ren grew up in an orphanage with Yasu and considered school to be boring, preferring instead to practice his guitar alone. He likes the Sex Pistols, especially Sid Vicious.

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