Pandemic-Related Mandate, Biden Administration Facing Criticism!

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : February 11, 2022

The Biden administration is facing a lot of criticism because of the pandemic-related mandates. The White House has gone into discussion mode to decide upon the next course of action. As a part of the national virus response, the president is thinking of charting a path that is less disruptive while utilitarian.

He went into a meeting in Washington over the same. However, individual states are not waiting for his directives. There is growing unrest amongst people who are asking when such strict protocols will end. To add to the state’s individual dilemmas the civil unrest in the country may prompt a faster response by easing up the restrictions.

Pandemic-Related Mandate, Biden Administration Facing Criticism!

The Government of New York has already released a statement that says that the state is going to end the restrictions soon. A lot of criticism is pouring in from the general public over indoor masking mandates. Illinois has also done the same.

However, relaxing mandates for schools can be concerning. Many children may not have gotten their vaccines yet. For the general public at large, vaccines have been introduced for the 5-12 years age group. However, many schools are not ready to take chances with children’s lives. So, the mask mandates in schools are to remain.

Most states have Democratic Governors, like Joe Biden. However, they have been forced to take such a decision, due to growing impatience amongst the general public. President Joe Biden is trying to make it easy for various states, looking at the graph of the falling virus numbers. The peak seems to have subsided in most states in the US. Hospitals that have 1200 or more admissions have come down to 200 or so.

However, the Biden administration is not taking any chances. The administration is in talks with Federal agencies to decide upon the next course of action. He has been following scientific protocols without any hindrance. Moreover, he has faced the pandemic situation head-on with all the necessary supplies like masks distribution and test kits mailers.

The secretary’s office is in support of the administration and is of the opinion that the Biden administration is on the right trajectory. The government has been following the scientific directives from bodies such as the CDC. It is necessary for maintaining parity in the situation, where viral loads have increased manifold.

The White House is under extreme pressure now and has started talks over the pandemic issues. The country may have crossed the emergency phase of the administration. So, they are ready to chart out a new way to get things back to normal.

Several Federal leaders are also in conversation with state health officials and leaders, to decide upon the next course of action. The local state governments are asking for clear directives from the central administration. Each state has adopted a different stance with respect to the situation. Thus, there seems to be massive confusion at the state level owing to hospitalizations decreasing, and infections going down as well.

The CDC is also working on the same. There are a few states where infection numbers are high. Moreover, other states are having low levels of infections. In such cases, it has become the administration’s prerogative to decide on uniform laws across the country.

It revolves around whether the Americans need to be vigilant or can be lax. The governments of individual states are in discussions with the federal agencies over the next course of action as people are quite worried about the future.

Still, at least 2,000 patients are there in an infectious state and dying each day. So, the government at the center does not want to drop its guard. 

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