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A Mandate Of Vaccine For Government Workers –California And New York City

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio recently announced that compulsorily all NYC city workers have to be vaccinated and undergo COVID test weekly. California also has announced the same guidelines. The first major federal agency to make it a mandate that all healthcare workers must receive a shot is the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Veterans Affairs secretary Denis McDonough said in order to keep veterans safe making vaccination mandatory is the best available solution. In Parallel to this, there are increased hospitalizations and health complications due to the Delta variant, due to this it is expected that people who were hesitant to get vaccinated may change their minds now. In NYC all workers including municipals, teachers and the police force are required to get vaccinated by September 2021. Otherwise, they will have to face weekly covid tests and undergo screening.

A Mandate Of Vaccine For Government Workers –California And New York City

Mayor Blasio says everyone has to make this a priority because this is important and it’s about recovering from a global pandemic. This announcement from Mayor Bill de Blasio has made NYC one of the huge employers in the US to bring the action.

California is also following the footsteps of NYC and is going to require proof of vaccination from its workers from next month.

This had to be done because in the past two weeks there is a record of about 62 percent of hospitalizations. California had earlier lifted mask requirements but now it is again bringing back the requirements of masking – indoors and also for fully vaccinated. The San Francisco Bar alliance which has 500 bars is suggesting its members and guests to submit proof of vaccination before entering their bars.

A Mandate Of Vaccine For Government Workers –California And New York City

Health officials say a 16 percent increase in vaccination rates in California but this number has to increase rapidly because there are still a bunch of unvaccinated people who can transmit the virus. About 60 medical and other health care organizations have also made vaccination mandatory for their employees.

Sam Page, St Lois County executive said that even though making masks compulsory back again will be a punishment for vaccinated individuals it’s a punishment for doing the right thing at the right time. Dr. Leana Wen appreciated President Joe Biden as he was leading by example.

She also believes like health care and Veterans other organizations like Plans, trains, and government buildings have to make mandatory vaccination. Vaccination mandate and Vaccination verification should be the underlying motto of every organization.

Dr. Albert Ko said that nothing should be taken as granted with COVID because the increased surge of delta variants in the UK and India should be a warning to US citizens as well. Though the US currently is around 67% fully vaccinated the percentage needs to get close to 85 percent to destroy the virus.

Dr. Ashish Jha who is the current dean of Brown University School of public health said that we have to be prepared for a couple of rough months. The death number of 611,000 from last year is horrifying. Mobile vaccination clinics are being set up to increase the rate of vaccination. Though there is a steady increase in vaccination rate it is too early to conclude that vaccination hesitant folks are ready to get vaccinated! The vaccination is also facing political stress with few conservatives and voices from republicans spreading mistrust on vaccination.

Now surprisingly these opposing voices too have changed their minds and are getting vaccinated. In Tennessee, a radio host who was earlier talking skeptically about vaccines said that everyone should get vaccinated because he saw his own brother in hospital battle COVID-19.  

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