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Many And A Few More Olympic Athletes Tested COVID-19 Positive

Since arriving in Tokyo ahead of Friday’s opening ceremonies which include one alternate to the US women’s gymnastics team, several Olympic athletes have been tested Covid-19 positive. The US Olympic and Paralympic Committee confirmed the test reports and conveyed that the unnamed participant will be seen quarantining at a hotel, as per CNN. 

Many And A Few More Olympic Athletes Tested COVID-19 Positive

The Committee was seen stating that the safety and health of the Nation’s athletes, coaches and staff is their top priority and they have confirmed an alternate on the women’s artistic gymnastics team has witnessed many positive test results of athletes. As per local rules and protocols, this particular athlete has been moved to a hotel in order to quarantine. They can not provide much information at this time out of respect for the individual’s privacy. 

Many And A Few More Olympic Athletes Tested COVID-19 Positive

Meanwhile, competitors who were staying in the athlete’s village, which were at least two of them, have been tested Covid-19 positive, as well. These two athletes are known to be from the same country and are known to participate in the same sport, as reported by Reuters. Officials have seemed to not identify them. On the other hand, the South African Football Association has also announced that three members, on Sunday, including duo soccer players and a video analyst have also been seen holding positive Covid-19 reports. 

Connected to the Olympics, there have no been at the most 15 positive Covid-19 cases including a third athlete who was not presently staying at the village. 

As many as almost 100 competitors are expected to participate in the games, the first sign was detected almost a week ago before the opening ceremony which is known to be a sign of how difficult and controversial these Olympic Games are going to pull off. 

A word of “covid-19 cases” will show off the strength of the Olympic testing system, which are the words that will be said by those who support continuing with the Olympics. They say, they also aggravate the feeling among many in Japan, who also believe that they should be canceled. 

Vaccinations For Athletes-

As the IOC, which is the International Olympic Committee, does not seem to mandate vaccination, it is still said that 85% of athletes and officials are known to be vaccinated or have natural immunity from infection. Although the public health officials wish that percentage would be much closer to 100%. On Medical Journals, Twitter, and other publications, public health officials and experts are calling out the IOC for seeing this as a failure to be able to take the virus risks seriously. 

Annie Sparrow who is the Managing Director at the Icahn School of Medicine which is situated in Mount Sinai stated how the IOC suggestions about reducing risks, even more, have largely been a failure. She says her inputs have not been considered, seriously. Sparrow was seen lashing out at IOC President Thomas Bach, on a tweet that was out on Wednesday stating “All talk no action” due to them falling short on public health measures helping to reduce risk. 

Brian McCloskey who is the Chair of the IOC’s expert panel which is individual and expert in global health and infectious diseases was seen disagreeing with what Sparrow had stated. McCloskey mentions that few of Sparrow’s concerns have been taken under consideration and have been addressed, as the IOC’s Olympic Playbooks have also been continually updated. Released in June, the third version is a 70-page document purely for athletes and officials, and recommendations are being covered for pre, during, and post the games.

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