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As Mask Mandate Returns To The Country, Trial For Coronavirus Vaccine For Children Expand

CDC is planning to revise its guidelines on Coronavirus, including its mask mandate; the agency said. In the meantime, the Attorney General of Missouri filed a lawsuit against the mask mandate in the St. Louis area. The instances of COVID infections are rising in the region. And hospitals are becoming overwhelmed. The lawsuit accuses the authorities of requiring even the vaccinated people to wear a mask. This goes against CDC’s guidelines in this regard, it says. It also argues against requiring children to wear masks in schools. They should avoid this because children generally don’t get seriously sick due to Coronavirus.  But the number of breakthrough infections is on the rise. Hospitalizations, however, are rare.

Even then, the rising number of new infections is prompting communities and counties to require their residents to wear masks. Some went a step further; imposed a mask mandate. Many counties and municipalities now require that their residents wear masks in public. The city of New York and the State of California have announced their plans to require full vaccination to most of its employees.

As Mask Mandate Returns To The Country, Trial For Coronavirus Vaccine For Children Expand

Children constitute a large share of new infections. But they will have to wait longer to get vaccinated. Fully vaccinated people too may get infected. But they most likely would either be asymptomatic or mildly or moderately sick. They generally don’t require hospitalization.

The US, in the meanwhile, is reporting more than 50000 new Coronavirus infections on a rolling seven-day average. Up to 83% of the infections are caused by the Delta variant. The country reached this benchmark on April 30. From then, vaccines came over and halted the pandemic on its way.

Most Americans have received the initial dose of the vaccine. Still, reports suggest that it is going back on its progress in its fight against the pandemic. The pace of the pandemic is increasing. And it is now three-quarters of the worst week the country faced.

As Mask Mandate Returns To The Country, Trial For Coronavirus Vaccine For Children Expand

Mayo Clinic, located in Minnesota now requires that all of its employees get fully vaccinated maximum by Sept. 17. It also informed on Monday that it will require all of its health professionals to get vaccinated within two months. The two announcements come in the wake of new infections doubling in the facility last month.

The Department of Health of Hawaii recommends the use of masks indoors in schools. It also advises institutions to maintain social distance in classrooms if possible. People should wear masks outdoors if they have to be in close proximity to each other.

The US Health, Justice, Labor and Education Departments say that long COVID 19 will be treated as a disability.

According to a recent study, the termination of the moratorium for evictions in States and municipalities may have led to this current outbreak. The study compared the States who maintained the moratorium and those that terminated it either in the spring or in the summer of 2020. Those who did away with the eviction moratorium saw double the number of evictions than those that maintained it. And the number of deaths was five times higher. By September, the termination of evictions led to 433,000 new infections and 10000 more deaths.

The federal eviction moratorium will end this Saturday.

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Pfizer and Moderna are expanding the trial for their vaccines for children in the age range of 5-11. The decision is the result of the FDA’s attempt to probe the rare side effects of the vaccines in people below 30. The agency also asked the two companies to include children in the age group of 5-11. According to experts, the drug regulators will need to do a balancing act. It will have to balance the risks and benefits of the vaccines it authorizes.

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