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Mask Mandates Lifting- The CDC Tells Why You Should Have Them On

Mask Mandates Lifting- The CDC Tells Why You Should Have Them On

In the US, the virus reign seems to have reached a plateau. And many of the states that are seeing lower numbers of infections and deaths are going to ease mandates in recent weeks. There are heated conversations across several quarters like the general population, revolting parties, and the health fraternity regarding the same.

Mask Mandates Lifting- The CDC Tells Why You Should Have Them On

By the end of the month of February, a few states could also be lifting mask mandates in schools as well. Last summer, the CDC had asked everybody to follow mask mandates indoors as well. The directives were for communities that had a large percentage of infections. However, the CDC still feels that putting the masks on can lead to increased safety and security for the individuals.

Mask Mandates Lifting, CDC Tells Why You Should Have Them On

It is not just about the infection rate, though. There are several other factors that the CDC has asked to consider. At the recent White House meeting, the CDC has asked the officials not to lift mask mandates. It may be too early a decision that can also be detrimental for the population.

Last year, the CDC had released statements on masking mandates. According to them, the hospitalization rates were to be taken into account, to determine whether masking was required. The Director of CDC is quite upfront about the directive that it may be very risky to let go of the masks.

Many of the doctors and health experts are also do not agree with the mandate extension put forward by the CDC. The heath fraternity has said that the mandates were always supposed to be temporary. Many Americans are getting frustrated due to the mask mandates.

The doctors are arguing that vaccines have come for 5-year-olds as well. So, there may be less cause to worry now. According to reports, both the parents and children are traumatized by the restrictions. Most children are unable to go to daycare centers as the staff at such centers may not be fully vaccinated yet.

So, it is a huge cause for concern for a large part of the schools. Although 5–12-year-olds have received the vaccine, there is still danger lurking around the corners. Johns Hopkins Center is of the opinion that schools should have a way out of the pandemic.

As more and more people are getting vaccinated, and monoclonal antibody treatments have been authorized, things seem to be getting smoother. Rapid tests can also help one get the desired results in a few hours.

The doctor’s fraternity is of the belief that the virus will actually turn into an endemic. In an endemic, the virus is omnipresent in the population. However, it does not affect all at once. It is a case similar to that of Malaria and Dengue. The disease is more controlled, with medications, vaccines, and treatments handy.

However, CDC officials and other people from the research groups are not sure yet if mask mandates can drop. Once people drop masking, it may be difficult to convince them to mask up again.

If the outbreak suddenly increases in the spread then it could be more difficult to change mandates and irritate people all the more. Therefore, many of the CDC officials are of the opinion that mask mandates should not be dropped.

According to the CDC, the dropping of masks could be a reckless decision. The rates of community spread and percentage of vaccinations should be the deciding factors when it comes to lifting the mandates anytime soon. Hospital capacity is another important factor that needs to be checked. The CDC director has said that the timing may not be right to unmask yet. 

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