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Massive Drop-In Life Expectancy After Covid

New research shows just how deadly the Covid pandemic has been. It has been confirmed that it was a major factor in cutting down life expectancy by about a year and a half.

This is the lowest level of life expectancy since the year 2003 and by far, the largest decline that has taken place over a year since World War 2. The loss of a year and a half might not seem like much, but this is a very serious concern.

Massive Drop-In Life Expectancy After Covid

This is a very large decline and that means that the population of the world is greatly affected. Overall life expectancy declined from 79 in 2019 to nearly 77 in 2020.

Massive Drop-In Life Expectancy After Covid

The life expectancy gulf between men and women increased by almost 6 years during the pandemic. Between 2000 and 2019, the gap had reduced to just 5 years.

Due to deaths from Covid, there was a massive downfall in life expectancy. It was responsible for almost 74%.

11% of the decline can be attributed to deaths from unintentional injuries and accidents. One-third of unintentional injury deaths included drug overdoses. Death due to drug overdoses reached an all-time high in 2020.

Murders played their role and contributed to about 3% of the dip in life expectancy, while liver disease and diabetes accounted for a little more than 2%.

Experts have reason to believe that the decline in life expectancy is set to continue.

Even if Covid can be eliminated completely, a mortality pattern like the one in 2019 could be seen. It could just as easily be possible that the Covid crisis has indirect effects that have not been seen yet.

People who missed checkups could be diagnosed with a disorder at a later date and at this later date, the disease might be at a more advanced stage.

A report by the NCHS found that though Hispanic adults live longer than Black or White Americans, they had the greatest dip in life expectancy with a reduction from 82 to almost 79 years in 2020.

Hispanic men were the worst affected with a drop of nearly 4 years. Covid accounted for about 90% of the decline.

The gap between Hispanic people and White people reduced drastically while the gap between Black and Hispanic people remained more or less the same.

Black people were also hit hard as the life expectancy had nearly 3 years wiped away declining from 75 in 2019 to 72 in 2020. Interestingly, Covid was responsible for only 60%.

The inequity in life expectancy between Black and White people shot up from 4 years in 2019 to 6 years in 2020. This is a gap that had been narrowing throughout the past 3 decades.

White people were the least affected as life expectancy reduced by just a year from 79 in 2019 to about 78 in 2020. Covid accounted for 68%.

Dr. Georges Benjamin, the executive director of the American Public Health Association said that in multiple ways, the report tells us about the deleterious effect of Covid, not just on Covid related deaths, but also on other diseases.

He added that losing an entire year of life expectancy is an enormous concern.

He said that the nation could have responded to the situation better and this also attributed to there being more deaths than there had to be.

He mentioned that we would have certainly had fewer deaths if we had a more effective national leadership early on. With more aggressive testing and contact tracing, the effects of the pandemic could have been dampened.

Benjamin concluded that people getting vaccinated is of the utmost importance.

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