Matt Kaplan’s Age, Dating, Net Worth, Ex-Wife, Height, Ex-Girlfriend!!

An American film producer by the name of Matthew Kaplan uses the moniker Matt Kaplan. One of his best-known pieces is To All the Boys: A Tribute. His ex-wife Claire Holt, a producer of an Australian-American movie star, was also his ex.

Who Is Matt Kaplan Dating? Read To Know About Matt Kaplan’s Age, Dating, Net Worth, Ex-Wife, Height, Ex-Girlfriend!!

Currently, Alexandra Copper’s marriage to Matt Kaplan is generating news on social media. On February 3, 2021, they were married and began their new life together as husband and wife.

On April 14, 1984, Kaplan was born in the United States and graduated from Columbia University with a BA in Film Studies and History. His religion is Judaism, and he hasn’t spoken about his family because he appreciates his personal privacy. When he starts spreading the word, we’ll let you know.

Matt Kaplan’s Bio: A Few Facts About Him

He has been the Economist’s scientific correspondent for more than a decade, writing on science every month.

Matt is fascinated by how his predecessors used mythology to explain the world around them when things didn’t make sense.

Age And Early Life Of Matt Kaplan

Matt Kaplan, who is 37, is the oldest member of the team. On April 14, the producer celebrates his birthday with family and close friends.

After graduating from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Matthew worked with the United Talent Agency and the Todd Philips Company to get his career off the ground. The “Clare and Michael” show, which aired on CBS, was his next attempt.

Matt and Awesomeness TV formed Chapter One Films at the end of 2015. Additionally, he’s worked on numerous series and films in the past. Perfect Date and a slew of other works by the same filmmaker come to mind.

Real NameMatthew Kaplan
Born OnApril 14, 1984
Age37 years
ProfessionAmerican film producer
Net Worth$7 million

They gave him an abundance of information from the organizations they dealt with. As a result of his preparation, he set out on his voyage with the necessary combination of excitement and confidence.

Matt Kaplan’s Net Worth And Career

He worked as an intern at the United Talent Agency and Todd Philips Company after graduating from college. A CBS show called “Clare and Michael” followed. When Matt first began Chapter One Films in 2013, he was already working for Awesomeness TV by the following year. As a producer, he has worked on a number of television shows and films. It includes Before I Fall and The Lazarus Effect, as well as others. A prominent film production firm, Ace Entertainment, was founded by him. Matt Kaplan reportedly has a net worth of $7 million.

Matt Kaplan’s Wife And Kids

In 2015, they got engaged, and in 2016 they got married in a private ceremony only the two of them were aware of. After just one year of marriage, they divorced in 2017. The comedian and podcaster couple Matt and Alexandra Copper tied the knot on February 3rd, 2021, in their home state of Pennsylvania.


Matt Kaplan, a well-known director, has been involved in a slew of projects. Matt Kaplan has previously worked on Before I Fall, The Lazarus Effect, and Viral. The actor, director, and producer were born in London, England, in 1984, to an American father and a British mother. He was exposed to a wide range of cultures while growing up in London and New York City.

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