Matthew Rondeau Allegedly Attacked A Trans Woman At Shanna Moakler’s House!!!

Special Correspondent | Last Updated : March 11, 2022

There has been recent news that Matthew Rondeau has allegedly attacked transwomen at Shanna Moakler’s house. This is one of the most pathetic pieces of news that has come to light.

Matthew Rondeau Allegedly Attacked A Trans Woman At Shanna Moakler’s House!!!

The entire situation has now gotten worse because the model is wholly accused of attacking transwomen. He was currently filling the role of celebrity wizard, and it is technically becoming difficult for him to work out the situation because the allegation is grave.

Matthew Rondeau Allegedly Attacked A Trans Woman At Shanna Moakler’s House

He tried getting sexual with transgender women. The trans woman named Elissa claimed that she, along with her friend, went to Shanna’s home, and the purpose was to hang out with Matthew.

Need of a better development

Later, it was discovered that this model was already in terrible shape when he arrived. He went into the room and took a knife to rip through her paintings. It was further held that he was altogether in a terrible shape. He went to the bathtub and got naked, and he even managed to make a few drinks for himself. Once he was entirely out of his control, he tried to assault the transgender woman present there sexually. It was a qualified experience that the lady had to undergo.

Bad Intention

That lady was also able to say that she tried doing everything that was feasible for her to brush that model aside and away from her. Even used force and tried slapping that model to be saved from this model. The model tried to get physical with her by touching her through her waist and neck. He wanted to choke me for the time being. It was a statement given by the transwoman in the recent interview, which happened after this incident, to raise her voice against whatever wrong has happened with her. 

The harsh reality of the present world

It is terrible to see such an incident taking place even in 2022. Most people have been able to understand that every person has a right to choose an orientation for himself. Undertaking all these activities is considered to be a very pathetic experience for most of the people who did not even do anything wrong. This has been able to highlight the demanding situations that most people have to face in the present despite living in a world of modernity. It is technically a sad state of affairs in which people still have to wait for justice for all these incidents taking place over a while. 

It is not going to help people until and unless they come together and take a tough stand against this culture. It is equally essential to give rights to such transgender people. The plaintiff can now take strict action against the model for the sexual assault. It is essential for the law and order of a country to take cognizance of this situation. This will try to protect the rights of most people. This is the need of the hour, which requires proper attention and cure. This is a very shocking state of affairs.

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