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Mayor Deploys National Guards in Washington Before Trump Supporters’ Protests

The National Guard is deployed in the capital by the mayor as a precaution to avoid the possible violence the protests of Trump’s supporters may cause after the congressional vote expected Wednesday to affirm Biden’s victory.

The D.C. Acting Police Chief Robert Contee said on Monday that an armed crowd is planning to come to the city.

Mayor Deploys National Guards In Washington Before Trump Supporters’ Protests

On Tuesday and Wednesday, Trump’s supporters are planning to conduct rallies upholding his widespread unproven fraudulent voter claims.  

Mayor Deploys National Guards In Washington Before Trump Supporters' Protests

Hundreds of Trump supporters’ were rallied to end in violence in December. They wore the signature black and yellow of the Proud Boys faction and confronted numerous local activists attempting to bar them from Black Lives Matter Plaza, nearby the White House. 

The leader of the proud Boys Henry Tarrio, 36, was arrested on Monday by the officers of the Metropolitan Police Department as he reached Washington before the protests of this week.

He was accused of burning a banner of Black Lives Matter after he tore it down from a historic Black church in downtown Washington during the protests in December.

The police said that a warrant was issued for his arrest for destruction of property. A spokesman of the police said that he was carrying two high- capacity firearm magazines when he was caught. Which also made him face weapon charges. 

In his repeated remarks, Trump encouraged the protest this week. He also said in his retweet on Saturday that he will be there on the historic day, which hints at his personal involvement in the rally.

Trump staged a limousine drive during a November rally of around 15,000 people, cheering the crowd at Freedom Plaza, on the iconic Pennsylvania Avenue of the city. 

Trump also appeared in the December rally with his helicopter in which he flew lower above the cheering mob at the National Mall. The December rally drew smaller numbers of people but a larger contingent of Proud Boys. 

The protest corresponded with the congressional vote on Wednesday which is expected to certify the results of the Electoral College which Trump still disputes. 

Officials from many sectors agreed that there was no widespread fraud in the election including Trump’s former attorney general and election officials of both Democratic and Republic parties. Even Supreme Court judges also dismissed almost all of the legal challenges from Trump and his allies. 

Currently, Mayor Muriel Bowser of DC has requested deployment of the National Guard to give a hand to the Metropolitan Police Department, as the protestors are approaching the capital.

In his Monday press conference, the mayor asked the residents to keep out of downtown DC and avoid confronting anyone who looks for a fight. She also warned the protestors that they won’t let anyone induce violence, intimidate residents, or cause destruction in the city. 

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