Mend The Marriage Reviews – An Ultimate Guide To Solve Marital Problems!

Flynn Rey | Last Updated : December 28, 2021

Hello readers. Are you facing problems in your marital life? Are you in the stage of divorce? Read this Mend The Marriage review to solve all your relationship issues.

Mend The Marriage is an online marriage program developed by world-renowned relationship coach Brad Browning. Mend The Marriage acts as a guide to help men and women struggling with their marital life rebuild their bond and have a blissful lasting marriage.

It includes an ebook, video series as well as audio course that takes you through various techniques to help you fix your relationship.

If you are here in search of a way to stop your partner from divorce, read further into this Mend The Marriage review and know how you can make use of the methods before it’s too late! 

Mend The Marriage Reviews – Can Brad Browning’s Ebook Fix Your Relationship?

With the rapidly increasing divorce rates especially in the United States, it’s important to find cost-effective services that can fix your relationship as soon as possible. 

Even after attending many counseling and coaching programs, most couples leave their marriage with a serious impact on their kids as well as themselves. You surely do not want to go through such consequences which explains why you are here in search of help. 

Continue reading this Mend The Marriage review, where I will be explaining to you Browning’s step-by-step instructions to cleverly and carefully lead your partner to understand the importance of your bond and be a thriving happy family for years to come. 

Mend The Marriage Reviews
Product NameMend The Marriage
BenefitsHelps in solving the marital problems of men with women
CreatorBrad Browning
Components🔹270-page Interactive eBook
🔹4-Hour Pro Audio Course
🔹7-Part Pro Video Series
🔹Team Building Worksheets
Language English
Bonus🔸Infidelity Survival Guide”
🔸Children & Divorce”
🔸Marriage Money Matters”
Money-Back Guarantee60 days
AvailabilityOnly through the official website
Official WebsiteClick Here

What is Mend The Marriage?

Mend The Marriage ebook is an easy-to-follow guide that comes along with videos, audio, exclusive bonuses, and other interactive measures in a complete package teaching you the important strategies you can utilize to fix your breaking marriage. Mend The Marriage digital program is available for both men and women with varying techniques:

Mend The Marriage For Men:

As Mend The Marriage assists in solving the marital problems of men with women. Browning provides you with important advice on how you can get back your woman and make her never want to even think of separation again. 

He explains the common mistakes that trigger unnecessary arguments and also guides you on the ABCD system: 

  • A – Accept the situation 
  • B – Build resilience 
  • C – Commit to change 
  • D – Dedicate yourself to the task 

Mend The Marriage For Women: 

Specially designed for women, Mend The Marriage ebook helps you to identify the root causes of the recurring fights in your relationship and how you can make your man rethink his decision of divorce.

You will figure out how to make your partner understand the importance of family and togetherness as well as make him a responsible and amazing man within a month. 

When you visit the official website of Mend The Marriage digital program, you will be provided with a video where Browning himself explains the basics of the program and the various causes of a broken marriage. 

He talks about a phenomenon known as ‘marriage murdering’ which refers to the most common mistakes that partners make that ultimately worsens the arguments and quickly lead to divorce. 

All these methods are meant to evoke deep emotional feelings in your partner and bring back sexual intimacy. 

Mend The Marriage Author

Brad Browning is a relationship coach from Vancouver with specializations in divorce, breakups, and marriage. Apart from Mend The Marriage, he is also the author of The Ex Factor Guide. Browning’s programs were known to be the Best Sellers in around 130 countries. 

Mend The Marriage Author

How To Use Mend The Marriage

Mend The Marriage reviews here clearly state how to use the program. The process is quite simple. Your email will be requested to make the purchase. Once you have filled in your mail address, you are expected to receive a confirmation mail that provides you with the details of your order.

Download Mend The Marriage ebook using your login details. You can also visit their site’s FAQ section to know more about the instructions. 

Components of Mend The Marriage Program

Once you have downloaded Mend The Marriage program, you will initially be guided to watch the Getting Started Video where Brad talks about the most common marriage murdering mistakes and how you can avoid them. 

You will then learn about how you can tap into your partner’s positive memories, helping him/her increase their nostalgia thereby getting rid of the negative feelings. 

And even if your spouse continues to resist keeping the marriage, you needn’t panic as there are methods that you can use to help him/her at least pay attention to your feelings. This would lead your partner to think that they have to fix the relationship

Here are the key components of the Mend The Marriage program:

  • A 270-page Interactive ebook. 
  • A 4-hour Pro-Audio course so that you can listen to the lessons and instructions even if you are in public. 
  • 7 part Video Series where you will learn about how you can rebuild sexual desire in your spouse as well as heal all the wounded parts of your relationship. 
  • Team Building Worksheets: It helps you and your spouse to work as a team in creating a successful marriage. 

Mend The Marriage Bonuses

BONUS #1: An infidelity Survival Guide

Even if you or your partner have tried or thought about going for another relationship, this infidelity survival guide brings you both together and creates a lasting loyal marriage. 

BONUS #2: Children and Divorce

Research proves that marital fights and domestic violence have a massive impact on children. The Mend The Marriage ebook teaches you how you can help your children patiently understand the scenario going on and how you can protect them from witnessing the arguments between you and your partner. 

BONUS #3: Marriage Money Matters Guide

It specializes in dealing with financial problems between you and your spouse. Financial instability is said to be the second common reason for a disrupted marriage. And even if you both don’t have any financial problems, this guide ensures that even if there are any unexpected money-related issues in the future, it does not lead to toxic arguments. 

These bonuses cost around $350 when bought individually. But you will be getting them for free in your purchase of the Mend The Marriage program. 

Does Mend The Marriage Work? 

The working of Mend The Marriage program is said to solely depend on you. If you have thoroughly followed the guidelines and methods, you are very much likely to witness changes in the next couple of weeks or months. 

Know that each couple is different and therefore it is important to be patient enough and give time to your spouse to come back to you. 

Also, if you feel that you need a better mode of help other than Mend The Marriage ebook, Browning provides you a 1-on-1 coaching session at $97.

Please refer to the official webpage of Mend The Marriage to know more details about it. Or you can add the program’s Platinum Edition along with your order. Know that this special offer is only available after completing your payment. 

Mend The Marriage Working

Mend The Marriage Benefits 

The main aim of the Mend The Marriage scheme is to reunite couples for a powerful lasting marriage. However, there are other benefits that you can expect which are: 

☑️A deeper sense of understanding between each other. 

☑️Increased marriage fidelity. 

☑️Mend The Marriage program increases sexual intimacy. 

☑️Healthy attachment to each other. 

☑️Mend The Marriage increases ability to solve arguments. 

Pros And Cons of Mend The Marriage


  • Available at a very affordable price. 
  • Beneficial even for those who don’t have any marital issues. 
  • Easy to follow instructions. 
  • Provides specially designed effective solutions for both men and women. 
  • Flourishes the relationship like never before thus developing a happy family.


  • It may not be suitable in extremely complicated scenarios. 

Mend The Marriage Price And Where To Purchase Them?

You can get access to Mend the Marriage from its official website. Unlike the regular marriage-saving programs that cost you hundreds of dollars for even just an hour of counseling, the Mend the Marriage program is available at just $49.95

Without the bonuses or offers, the package costs $129. But with the help of a limited period offer provides this marriage savior is available at just $49.95. Since Mend The Marriage is an online program, you needn’t spend time and effort waiting for your package to be delivered or pay extra for shipping. 

You will also be offered a 60-days Risk-Free Money-back Guarantee. So in case, Mend The Marriage isn’t working for you, just send an email to Browning himself for a complete refund. 

Final Verdict – Mend The Marriage Reviews

Now that you have understood what exactly is Mend The Marriage program is by reading Mend The Marriage review, you may be wondering whether it can truly work out. Men and women from different corners of the world have credited Mend The Marriage ebook for their recovered marriage. 

Marital problems can truly be difficult to tackle and sometimes not all solutions may work. But as far as I have understood from customer reviews of the Mend The Marriage program, there is hope for you. The psychological methods involved can truly bring a change to your relationship and you will learn to understand each other better. 

The author of Mend The Marriage program himself has coached so many divorce cases and helped couples to happily reunite. The tactics recommended are guaranteed to bring back the deep emotional and physical connection that you lost with your partner leading to thriving family life. 

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