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Michael Thompson Desires To Advocate Criminal Justice Reform After Release From Prison

Michael Thompson finally meets his family and supporters after his release from prison. With family and friends’ support, Thompson was moved out of the prison after spending more than 20 years in prison. He was convicted of Marijuana sale.

In an interview with CNN, Thompson exclaimed that he was just lost for about 25 years. He was just looking around to see if any of the faces are recognizable to him.

Michael Thompson Desires To Advocate Criminal Justice Reform After Release From Prison

Many were supporting his release from prison.  American celebrity Kim Kardashian and the advocacy groups were also supporting the move.

Michael Thompson Desires To Advocate Criminal Justice Reform After Release From Prison

Even the prosecutor and Michigan’s attorney general in August accepted that the punishment was “unduly harsh.” Thompson, in the same month, was diagnosed with covid-19.

Finally, in December, Thompson and three other prisoners were granted clemency. In December, Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer announced the release of the prisoners as they were serving prison for non-violent offences. He called this step to be headed in the right direction.

His family warmly welcomed Thompson. A get together with close family friends was up to make Thompson home. He was introduced to his grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Thompson also enjoyed a photography session with his family. 

Thompson was really overwhelmed with the love he received from his family members. He wished to close his eyes and continue to receive that love that he missed for all those long years.

Rashawnda Littles, daughter of Thompson, was shopping for him. She expressed her gratitude towards the people who supported the prison-release of Thompson.

Princess, Thompson’s youngest daughter, was just 3 at the time when Thompson was sentenced. Littles could only sympathize with her for the time she couldn’t spend with her father. She is glad that it is now over and is going to be okay.

Thompson was charged for the sale of Marijuana in 1994. At that time, his resident was then searched by police, who found 14 weapons. While applying for clemency, Thompson’s attorney provided evidence that the weapons found were antiques and were placed inside a locked gun safe.

Thompson’s wife accepted that most of the guns were owned by her.

As per Michigan’s habitual offender’s law, the judges can enhance the sentences of the convicts who are guilty of some previous offenses as well. Therefore, Thompson was sentenced to 15 years in 1996 for marijuana sale and 42 to 60 years for arms possession. 

Given the fact that his previous release date to be in 2038, Thomson just said that it is really unbelievable that a person was kept in prison for about 25 years just for possessing 3 pounds of marijuana. The punishment is harsh; after all, he hadn’t kill anybody.

Kimberly Corral, Thompson’s attorney, was furious about the prison term’s injustice, unnecessary emotional torture when he was already infected with coronavirus, and not to provide a way out for him. 

Thompson is on a supervised release. He will be tracked at his home in Flint, Michigan. As per Thompson’s attorney, he will have to update a parole officer of his activities, seek permission to leave the city or any other work. Violating any of the parole guidelines could land him again in prison.

Corral is hopeful that Thompson’s case might open a door for many prisoners of non-violent offenses, who are serving such harsh sentences and need to be released. She wished for cooperation from different criminal justice system bodies for such cases.

While recovering from the aftermath of the covid-19 infection, Thompson wants to advocate for prison reforms, especially regarding the non-violent cases resulting in decades of punishment. 

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