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Michigan Provides No Vaccine Data For Minorities

Various states in the U.S are finally achieving their vaccine targets and so it can be stated that Biden’s covid strategy is gradually but surely taking into effect. 

Michigan is said to be one such state where the vaccine rates were the poorest last month and now it is the most vaccinated state in the United States with over 1 million doses administered.

Michigan Provides No Vaccine Data For Minorities

The latest data shows that senior citizens aged 65 and above were vaccinated the most in the past 2 weeks. In the first three weeks, vaccine doses were covered the most for healthcare workers.

Michigan Provides No Vaccine Data For Minorities

Unlike other states, Michigan health officials have not provided any data regarding the vaccine numbers of the minority groups. Health advocates stated its importance and said that minority groups are most prone to the virus. 

It is estimated that around 23% covid confirmed cases are of African Americans even though they make only 14% of Michigan’s population.

Vice President of racial equity for KFF (formerly known as the Kaiser Family Foundation) Samantha Artiga said that sufficient data on the black/racial community would help to provide better vaccine facilities. 

According to KFF, the vaccination rates for African Americans are met with inconsistencies in various states. 

Research shows that in Florida 17% of vaccines were provided to Hispanics who make up 27% of the state’s population.

African Americans in Ohio were provided only 5% vaccines despite comprising 12% of the state population.

African Americans in Indiana were provided only 4% vaccines despite being 9% of the population. 

Detroit is said to have the lowest vaccination rates for African Americans despite being 80% of the population. 

Various other states with African Americans also have the same low vaccine rates. 

Wayne County Executive questioned this inconsistency by asking whether the vaccines were distributed equally.

Public Health Officials stated that they wouldn’t be able to take appropriate transport and other health facilities for the patients if accurate data isn’t provided. 

According to Washington Post, the Chairwoman and Associate Dean for Health Equity Research at Yale School of Medicine Marcella Nunez-Smith expressed her worry regarding the lack of proper data resulting in the inability to ensure equal vaccination. 

The state’s health officials had informed Bridge Michigan on racial community data and vaccine numbers but have not officially released it.

They added that the release of the data will most likely provide an idea of the country’s disparities in vaccine supply for the colored community.

Michigan Health and Human Services’ spokeswoman Lynn Sutfin stated that they will ensure to provide additional vaccines to these communities. 

Michigan had also launched a $1.5 million campaign to spread awareness on vaccine safety and effectiveness. It includes all communities and will be broadcasted via all mediums. 

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