Migrant Kids Are Facing Panic Attacks Due To Stress In Shelters

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : June 16, 2021

Recently sources have reported that a volunteer from the federal government at the administration of Biden had arranged the largest shelter for immigrant children with the equipment of paramedics.

Migrant Kids Are Facing Panic Attacks Due To Stress In Shelters

From the associate press, Julie Watson a senior author stated that paramedics are a piece of emergency equipment which is arranged for children to take care of them initially from panic attacks and other minor/major injuries. The families reunited with falling hopes for an emergency shelter for minors.

Migrant Kids Are Facing Panic Attacks Due To Stress In Shelters

Federal volunteers stated that the children who spent more than two weeks at the emergency shelter are waiting to meet their relatives and parents. This was highlighted by the Texas army base for thousands of children. Some children spent there for two months.

Volunteers raised voices on the condition which are not authorized on the base from May 12 to 15. Most of the children had raised the conditions about emergency shelter because there is a rule that no children should be in emergency shelter for more than 2 weeks. 

Aaron Reichlin Melnick said that there is a policy on the council members of an advocacy group in the American council of immigration. Lawyers had questioned the council that why children are at unlicensed shelters. On May 31st 9,000 children are kept in the unlicensed shelters comparatively for 7,200 licensed shelters. The Judiciary court had filed the cases about the incidents by the US government. 

Most of the cases are filed as licensed shelters are half-filled where unlicensed shelters are filled more than the capacity said by an agency. Advocate demands the government that resources should be provided to ensure the safety of children and licensed shelters should have a care worker for every night, a mental clinician for every 12 children.

Volunteers are still reporting that children who are there for 54 days had panic attacks by seeing other children who are leaving with their families. Due to severe panic attacks, an ambulance is called four times in a single day. Paramedics are maintained constantly to take care of uncontrolled children.

Department of Health and Human Services reported that we are here to ensure the facilities and to set up minor safety, officials said that mental health services are available for everyone who are needy about emergency facilities. US government had found 60,000 children who are traveling to Mexican cities without their parents. The administration has created a goal that to take care of all the children unitedly and send them to their homes with safety precautions. For this process, it takes time to check the children’s background and conduct interviews with more safety rules.

Researchers said that after some days the count of children in the shelters had gradually dropped from 23,000 to 16,000. Four shelters were already closed and the other two are going to close soon. Yoga instructors are also invited to maintain children’s mental health stable. Other factors also included children’s safety such as; behavioral health, spiritual services, health services, and most importantly educational services.

Caretakers said that 900 girls were divided into pods for even better care with 25 girls each in a pod. After all, the only thing we want is to children should be treated humanely. US government and volunteers had finalized that after shelters are removed all the people should be concerned about children’s health mentally and physically.

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