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Mike Pence, Joe Biden Set To Receive Vaccine This Week

Vice president Mike Pence is all set to receive the covid-19 vaccine on Friday. Joe Biden is expected to receive the vaccine in the next few days.

Pence, along with his wife, will receive the vaccine at the White House, and the officials said that the event would be shot publicly so that it could be used for promoting the vaccine. The officials said that such events, when done publicly, would improve public confidence about the safety and efficiency of the vaccine.

Mike Pence, Joe Biden Set To Receive Vaccine This Week

Dr. Fauci had suggested that top officials of the White House should take the vaccine so that they could prevent a national emergency in case the pandemic goes out of control. He had also suggested that frontline health workers should be given priority over others for receiving the vaccine.

Mike Pence, Joe Biden Set To Receive Vaccine This Week

Along with Pence, surgeon general Jerome Adams will also receive the vaccine on Friday. Across the country, several Healthcare workers received the first doses of the covid-19 vaccine on Monday.

Donald Trump has so far not announced his plans to take the vaccine. The Federal government plans to distribute the vaccines through operation warp speed and spending over $10 billion to accelerate the distribution process of the covid-19 vaccine. The funding will also go towards improving the production of coronavirus vaccines in the next few months so that it would be available easily for every citizen.

Former presidents George Bush, Barack Obama, and Bill Clinton have also volunteered to take part in the coronavirus vaccine promotion activities. They said that they are willing to get a covid-19 vaccine publicly to show that the treatment is safe and effective.

Biden has also said that he wants to take the vaccine publicly even though he wants to give first preference to health care workers. He said that he wants to demonstrate to the American public that it’s safe to take the vaccine. He said that the public could witness the vaccine being given to the president, and this will instill confidence about the vaccine.

Trump has said that he wants to see all Americans get access to the vaccine, and he also plans to get one for himself after consulting his medical team. He contracted Covid-19 in October but managed to recover after four days of treatment at the hospital. He said that his priority is frontline workers and others working in long-term care facilities.

As per the latest poll, close to 37% of Americans said that they might not take the vaccine even if it is available in their region. There is a lot of false information about the vaccine and the covid-19 pandemic. The authorities have to work hard in this direction and build confidence among the public about the safety and efficiency of the covid-19 vaccine.

The FDA has so far granted only emergency use authorization for the vaccine developed by Pfizer. According to the reports, the vaccine is found to be more than 95% effective in the majority of people aged above 16 years. Further testing is required to determine the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine in children and pregnant women. As of now, the vaccine can be safely used for a majority of people without any major side effects.

Experts say that many people may experience only mild side effects after taking the vaccine. According to the clinical trial data, most people experienced side effects after the second dose of the vaccine. Some of the common side effects include headache, body pain, and nausea. However, the side effects are very mild, and they would subside after two days. In this regard, experts say that the vaccine is safe for public use and can prevent people from getting sick with coronavirus.

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