Millions Of Americans Are Disabled As A Result Of Long-Covid

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : October 17, 2022

Covid 19 pandemic has constituted the darkest side of history. The United States of America was one of the most highly affected countries, with the maximum number of positive cases and deaths. Some people recovered after successfully fighting covid-19. But the impact of covid 19 can still be felt across all the affected patients’ mental and physical well-being even after a long time has elapsed after the recovery. 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data has been collected in the United States of America. The evaluation has reported that of the 24 million adults in the country who suffered from a severe or mild form of Covid-19, around 89 percent usually have encountered one or the other kind of disability. 

The disability is associated with physical disorders and neurodegenerative disorders. All these disorders are now a barrier to the discharge of daily activities. All of this shows the long-term effects of covid-19 on the human body and mental well-being. 

What Are The Details? 

A survey was conducted between 14th September 2020 till 23rd September 2022. According to this survey, data was collected concerning all the patients suffering from Covid-19. An evaluation of the body conditions pre and post encountering Covid-19 has been duly recorded. Around 25% of these people had difficulty performing some basic activities. They could not even grasp the schedule of the factors properly. 

Millions Of Americans Are Disabled As A Result Of Long-Covid

Not only this but also the percentage was as high as 50 when it came to the detection of the disabilities like memory loss and forgetfulness. Other physical problems that people suffer even after successful recovery and vaccination include shortness of breath and difficulty in making a physical effort. Tiredness and chronic fatigue also follow. Another common disability that people experience is associated with cognitive capacity. 

People are restricted by limitations when using the mind to understand and process concepts. Also, people have reported the symptoms of Alzheimer’s and dementia in huge numbers after the Waves of covid-19 subsided. Recognizing these disabilities has forced the Institutions of Brooking in the country of the United States of America to classify covid-19 as a disability. 


The impact of these disabilities can be easily felt on the matrix of employment after covid-19. A total of 4 million people in the country have lost their jobs.

The reason was the reported efficiency at work after recovering from covid-19. No social security benefits are currently available for this kind of disability. Hence, it is making it difficult for the existing employees to sustain jobs who display mild disabilities. 

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What is the stance of International bodies? 

The World Economic Forum and the World Health Organisation are coming together to face this problem. A platform has been developed to shape Health Care facilities so that the identification of disabilities can occur at a large scale. 

A Universal vaccination device is also getting enforced that will be able to deliver more than one billion vaccines to the affected people for a speedier recovery. The government is also developing Wellness centers for all the people who have encountered one or the other kind of disability. This will help in the proper and timely treatment so that this disability does not get converted into a long-term and lifetime disability. 


It can be concluded that the impact of covid-19 has not gone yet and still continues to affect many people. It is only with the help of the collective solutions and facilities developed by the government that all these factors can be prevented and better medical facilities can be distributed. This will be the first step towards a healthy tomorrow that will be completely devoid of these side effects.


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