10 Mins Effective Exercise For Adults, Keep Them Fit As Well

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : February 1, 2022

In this ever-changing world, everyone wants to stay fit and healthy, however, the time constraint prevents most adults from taking good care of their bodies. In a recent study, it has been revealed that 10 mins daily exercise for people over the age of 40 can help them get rid of many diseases and keep them fit as well.

10 Mins Effective Exercise For Adults, Keep Them Fit As Well

This study was published in the JAMA Internal Medicine journal for peer review. For these 2 batches of people, each batch had 5000 participants. In the first batch, 5000 participants were of the age 6 and above while the second batch had 5000 participants over the age of 40.

10 Mins Effective Exercise For Adults, Keep Them Fit As Well

It was observed that people over the age of 6 had to exercise or move their body for more than 10 mins on a daily basis to prevent stiffness in their muscles. In contrast, for people over the age of 40, 10 mins of the daily movement were more than enough to remove stiffness in the muscles.

Muscle stiffness is one of the major issues that people have to deal with when they get older. The study showed that if people did 10 mins of daily exercise more than 110,000 deaths could be prevented for people over the age of 40.

Researchers stated that people extending the workout regime to 20 to 30 mins could also lead a longer life as compared to those who don’t exercise at all.

Pedro Saint Maurice, the lead author of the study stated that if people exercise more often, then the population of the US could be more. Anxiety and depression can be cured to a great extent if people exercise on a daily basis.

The authors of the study stated that people need to go to the gym for this 10 mins workout. They could use the treadmill or even go for a simple jog in the woods. This would rejuvenate their body and help to move all parts of their body. 

Another important thing to consider while exercising is a proper diet plan. People believe that since they have exercised, they can now eat all the junk food, however, that is not the case.

The food you consume has a great impact on your lifestyle. One must always try to stick to healthy food that contains more proteins and fibers than those who have more fats.

Fats would add more weight to the muscles, making them stiff in the long run. Many people consult a dietician who can help them with a proper diet, including junk food on some particular days.

As per WHO (World Health Organisation), a healthy diet for a person should include 400 gm of vegetables and fruits daily, less amount of fats, less amount of sugar contents and more grains and legumes.

People are now switching to sugar-free sugar, which helps them control their weight without compromising on the taste of the food.

The study’s author stated that people should avoid canned food as much as possible and stick to fresh food, be it meat or vegetables. Canned food uses certain preservatives to make them last longer; however, they also contribute to fats, affecting your whole exercise regime.

Another important aspect of staying fit is following proper eating and sleeping habits. The sleep cycle affects bodily functions to a large extent. People who work during the nighttime should get 8 hours of sleep during the daytime to avoid complications for their body and follow a good diet.

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