Miserable Lives In The COVID Units; The Words Of The Experts

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : February 18, 2022

Hospitalizations definitely do not bring happiness to any mouth. Things can be worse when the patient is suffering from COVID-19. Experts say that the experience in American hospitals is worse than people can ever think of. Moreover, the situation goes beyond control, with the numbers going up.

Miserable Lives In The COVID Units; The Words Of The Experts

Usually, people with COVID are put into ventilation as lack of breath is one of the major concerns in this disease. However, the survival rate of these patients does not have certainty. As a person enters the ICU, the hopes will be very low to become fully cured. In the expert opinion, in such a situation, the family and friends can become the strong points of the infected person.

Miserable Lives In The COVID Units; The Words Of The Experts

The aim of every such family member must be to see that the person gains consciousness. The experts could give an exact opinion based on some practical observations. When a patient went into ventilation, his wife waited for his consciousness. The doctors also did a splendid job in this effort by encouraging him to come back to life.

The wife’s objective was to ask her husband a couple of questions. She was eager to know whether her husband was ready to carry out lung transplantation. Moreover, was he actually eager to give up the fight for survival? Thus, it is evident that the wife is trying to infuse life into her husband.

Of course, a patient can never be content in the ICU. They cannot see their family members. They can only see the patient from the glass of the unit doors.

Constant observation is necessary when the condition of a person deteriorates due to a lack of oxygen. In such cases, immediate hospitalization becomes necessary. However, the COVID units are absolutely separate chambers in US hospitals. Complete isolation from the rest of the world makes life miserable for the admitted patients. No words are enough to explain such distressing conditions.

It is important that the family and friends support the person in every way to make the infected realize the importance of life.

With hundreds of patients taking admissions every day to the hospitals, the doctors are also going through a hectic time. They witness the miserable conditions of these patients as they are transferred to the special Intensive Care units. No other patient is allowed into such chambers. But the ICUs were overflowing a few days back, with millions of people hospitalized every hour.

Presently, although the numbers of COVID cases are lower than before, the situation in the hospitals is not favorable. The patients do not get enough facilities while under ventilation. When their lives are not certain, other things seem meaningless.

The ICU beds are never a comfortable place. Ventilation is highly painful, with the patient trying to gather some oxygen. It is necessary when the patient suffers from an acute breathing problem.

Experts examined a few cases and concluded that miseries in US hospitals could not reduce if the COVID cases tended to increase drastically. Therefore, enough measures should be there to reduce hospitalizations.

The expertise of the learned doctors managed to treat millions of the patients leading to complete recovery from COVID. However, the risks for the coronavirus are still present. Hence, everyone must become conscious about vaccination. But this does not mean that a person cannot get COVID if he or she is vaccinated. It is a wrong theory, as per the researchers.

According to the opinions of the scholars, the health care units must do something to make the patient in ICU beds cheerful. If they lack the strength to live, medicines will fail to function. Therefore, encouragement is the only vital factor influencing patients to live more.

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