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Moderna’s Covid Vaccine For Children Aged 6-11 is Well Tolerated

On Monday, Moderna said that children aged 6-11 responded well to its COVID 19 vaccines, and the vaccine generated a strong immune response.

The company cited the interim results of its phase 2-3 trials to establish its point. 4,700 children in that age range participated in the trials. They received a two-dose regimen of 50 micrograms of the vaccine with an interval of 28 days between the two doses.

Moderna’s Covid Vaccine For Children Aged 6-11 is Well Tolerated

This is half of what the adults receive. Moderna compared the level of antibodies the children had, with the response young adults showed in its phase 3 trials. It saw a strong immune response in children after one month of receiving the second dose.

The company has not yet published its study in this regard.

Moderna’s Covid Vaccine For Children Aged 6-11 is Well Tolerated

As per the study, the tolerability and safety of the vaccine were consistent with its phase 3 trials of adults and teens. Side effects appeared to be mild or moderate. The most common among them were tiredness, fever, headache, and pain in the injected area, Moderna said in a news release.

The company will submit its studies to the FDA, EMA, and other international regulatory authorities.

The US Food and Drug Administration has authorized Moderna’s vaccine for those aged 18 and above. It had submitted its application to FDA for emergency use authorization for its vaccine for those aged 12-17 in June, but the agency has not yet authorized it.

Moderna said that it continues to monitor those who participated in its study.

Young children may become eligible to be vaccinated against COVID 19 within two to three weeks. Another vaccine manufacturer, Pfizer, had already requested emergency use authorization for its vaccine for everyone aged 5-11.

The agency’s independent panel of experts will deliberate on whether Pfizer’s vaccine for kids should be authorized or not. If approved, it will be the first shot against COVID 19 for kids.

Pfizer’s vaccine for those aged 12-16 already has emergency use authorization in the US. And it is approved for those above 16.

If the FDA’s independent committee of experts voted in favor of authorization, the agency will take a final decision accordingly. Afterward, the independent panel of experts will meet on November 2nd and 3rd to vote on whether it should recommend or not. In the end, CDC’s Director will decide whether to accept or reject the committee’s recommendations.

Biden administration has already planned the administration of the COVID 19 vaccine for children aged 5-11. And it is waiting for the final nod from the FDA.

His team has bought a sufficient number of doses of the vaccine to inoculate more than 28000000 children aged 5-11 who will become eligible to receive their shots upon authorization of the Pfizer vaccine. It will also equip over 25000 pediatric offices, hundreds of rural clinics, community health centers, and thousands of pharmacies to administer the shots.

The White House knows that parents of children in this age range are eagerly waiting for a COVID 19 vaccine for their kids. All the country needs is an authorization from the FDA and CDC. Then it will deliver the shots to the arms of those children.

Requirements of children differ from those of adults. And the White House is committed to fulfilling them. Vaccination will be made available in the settings which parents generally trust.

The administration is also collaborating with Children’s Hospital Association to open vaccination sites in more than 100 pediatric hospitals to open vaccination sites by November.

White House will also make vaccines available in schools and community sites using Federal Emergency Management Agency funding. It will also launch a campaign to educate guardians and parents about accurate information on vaccination and the implications of COVID 19.

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