More Than 700K Cases Cropping Up Every Day In The US

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : January 11, 2022

The reports of Johns Hopkins University show that the average Covid cases per day in the US is going over 700K, now. “Red Alert” situation is definitely the need of the hour.

More Than 700K Cases Cropping Up Every Day In The US

The chief medical advisor of the country’s president, Dr. Fauci, raised his doubt that a million cases per day can be possible in the coming days. It will not be a surprising fact, considering the present scenario. 

More Than 700K Cases Cropping Up Every Day In The US

Last week, the number of cases in the nation ranged from about 4.91 million. The situation is alarming as the number surpassed the combined coronavirus cases for three months last year. Moreover, the pace of spreading the virus is tremendous, affecting one person in one second. 

The Omicron variant entered with a mild effect. However, with passing, it is making hundreds of victims every day. Although the impact is not so severe as the Delta one, people are not fully out of danger. Every hospital is now overflooding with the new cases almost every hour. 

Observing the current figures for the COVID cases, Fauci told the reporters, 

“Predicting the accurate figures is not possible for anyone. But towards the end of January, the situation can be better. We can hope for a reducing number of cases during the fourth week. “

Saturday federal report concluded an increase of 32% in the covid cases compared to the previous week. The over-burdened hospitals showed around one lack thirty-eight thousand cases on an average. 

The last five consecutive marked the highest number of cases in America till now. The new variant is not leaving the children either. Hence, every hospital is going through a major crisis regarding medicines and beds. The piling number in every corner gives a sensational scenario of the latest pandemic. 

In one of the latest interviews, Fauci declared that the daily caseload of the US was more than 11,000 in the last week. This is just an average number where the actual can be more than this. 

Amidst this crisis, the latest Twitter from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez confirmed her positive results for COVID-19. The citizens are all wishing speedy recovery of the US Representative. Currently, she is taking all the precautions following the instructions of the doctors. 

Cortez is fully aware of the developing symptoms of the disease and has gone for the test. She is doing fine at home and, through the Twitter account, urged the fans to be safe. Moreover, it is a request for everyone to undergo a test who came in close contact with the famous personality. 

Alexandria took the booster shot during the fall season and was not expecting such an instance. But with the raging number of cases, getting COVID is not a usual phenomenon anymore. With so many people getting infected every second, the whole of the US is under massive pressure. 

The doctors are doing their level best to make the people survive. With the number of increasing cases, the hospitalizations are also leveling up. Similarly, the death rates are showing an upward trend too. Last week death cases were record-breaking, causing a severe situation to prevail all over the country. 

Fauci warned the public to be cautious about the situation. “Please do wear masks when you are going out and use the sanitizers. Take all the precautions if you are in close contact with a patient.”

Vaccinations are still important, especially for adults, so they cannot spread the virus rapidly among children. It is to be remembered that the kids are not old enough to undergo vaccination. The US Health Department is showing concerns more for the children below five years, with the omicron variant victimizing more kids, enhancing hospitalization cases. 

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