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More Cases Of Covid 19 Causes Low Beds For Other Patients

America is facing the latest disaster wherein they are seeing an increase in covid 19 patients with the new Delta variant. The Delta variant which was first found in India is now seen in America causing millions of people distress and be hospitalized.

With the increase in covid 19 cases, most of the beds are getting occupied by the covid patients which are putting other patients such as car accidents and other major issues at back causing great distress for the hospital staff as they don’t have adequate resources to fight this issue.

More Cases Of Covid 19 Causes Low Beds For Other Patients

Dr. Amy Compton the chief clinical officer in Seattle stated that they are putting more people infected with covid in ICU which makes the ICU inaccessible for people with other illnesses. She further stated that the virus is more seen in people who are not fully vaccinated and is more or less transmitted from fully vaccinated people as well.

More Cases Of Covid 19 Causes Low Beds For Other Patients

Governor Asa Hutchinson on Wednesday stated that the state only has 23 ICU beds and most of them are occupied by the covid patients and whose number is only increasing day by day. He also stated that 901.1% of the covid deaths are seen in people who are not vaccinated, even having just one dose gives you a good fighting chance against the virus and helps you in the long run.

Gov Jim Justice in West Virginia stated that the hospitals are getting flooded again due to the coronavirus and most people are showing the delta variant of the virus now. The governor stated that around 130+ people have been put on ventilators on Wednesday itself and that 813 people have been hospitalized due to the same issue.

In a survey conducted among the people of 6000, it has been found that 22% have been tested positive for the covid 19 said CDC. Also, the people who tested positive said that they had the symptoms lasting for 4 weeks or longer. It has been observed that among the positive tested people most of them have experienced fatigue and a loss of taste or smell.

Roughly 14% stated that they experienced headaches and 15% of the people said that they had cough or shortness of breath for a long period of time. However, it should be noted that this survey was taken in an online format and the people have self accessed themselves and the researchers did not go door to door to conduct these tests.

It is also observed that the children have contributed to 26% of the admitted cases which is a more worrisome issue. Since the schools have started children have been coming in contact with the new strain of the virus. Children are not eligible for the latest vaccination drive and are prone to get infected much easily.

Initially, it was found that the virus was only affecting kids with low immunity or some underlying chronic issue, however, no doctors are seeing even the kids with strong immune systems getting infected with this virus.

CDC has asked all the school authorities to keep the environment clean and sanitized. School authorities should also keep many seminars on social distancing and explain to the kids the importance of wearing masks. CDC has also asked the school to train their staff in case if there are some issues for the kids.

CDC has made it mandatory for everyone to wear a mask even if they are fully vaccinated as the new strain reside in vaccinated people and get transferred to non-vaccinated person infecting them almost immediately when came in contact.

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