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More Deaths Than The Covid Cases In Arizona

The state of Arizona on Saturday declared more than 100 deaths due to coronavirus. This is the second time the state has reported more than 100 deaths in a single day since Feb 2021. There have been 2742 cases reported on Saturday for the state. However, it has been observed that the average cases dropped from 3152 and are now currently at 2700. The state said that Phoenix will now be offering 2 more testing and vaccination centers to speed up the process.

More Deaths Than The Covid Cases In Arizona

Since the start of the pandemic, Arizona has observed 1.06 million cases of covid and roughly 19500 deaths have been reported so far. This has caused many officials to look over to the state and make some stringent rules. Gov of Arizona had earlier stated that they will be deploying covid 19 vans in certain locations to speed up the testing process.

More Deaths Than The Covid Cases In Arizona

In other news since the opening of schools across America, there have been more cases of kids getting the latest Delta virus. CDC has asked all the schools to make masks mandatory for both children and teachers. Many of the schools are to teach the kids the use of masks and sanitizers. Schools have been instructed to sanitize their environment every day so that kids can come to a safe zone the next day.

As per the hospitalization reports, roughly ¼ of the hospitalization cases are kids which is a troublesome issue. Earlier the doctors said that they had seen the virus affecting only the low immunity kids and kids with some chronic issues, however lately kids with strong immunity are also coming down with the virus. The other main issue that the parents and government are facing is that kids are not eligible for vaccination.

On Friday the FDA had a committee meeting on deciding whether the booster shots should be given out to the general population. Earlier the Biden administration said that they will be administering the booster shots to the general population by 20th Sept.

This received a lot of backlashes from the opposition party as this was not a joint decision taken by the administration. However, at the meeting conducted on Friday by the health care officials and members from FDA, it has been decided that the booster shots are not yet ready to be given out to the people.

There were no substantial data to support the booster doses from Pfizer`s side stating the need for booster shots. The members also decided that the booster shots be given only to people over the age of 65.

America will be sitting with the UN and other nations this coming week to decide on how to progress with the covid virus pandemic. The US said that it will be giving out vaccina to smaller countries to scale by the global vaccination as this is the only means to contain the virus spread.

CDC has asked all the Americans who are fully vaccinated to be wearing masks as well. The latest variant of the virus – Delta seems to be affecting more on people who are non-vaccinated, but it has been observed that the virus also travels from people who are vaccinated staying in their body and then pass onto the non-vaccinated person.

Due to this, the parents have urged the schools to go back to online learning as this ensures that their kids don’t come into contact with such people. Schools are considering this option, but no firm decision has been made on this so far, and are waiting for new information by the end of this month.

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