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More Of USA Needs To Be Vaccinated For Kids To Get Back To School

A crucial moment in the fight against the Covid-19 virus is being experienced by the United States of America. It is been reported that the vaccination rates have been dramatically low in few places in the country and the most contagious strain of all covid-19 strains, delta, is seen rushing the rise in the covid-19 cases. The US must do all it can to increase vaccination rates or there will be risks that will be seen worsening impacts of the pandemic.

More Of USA Needs To Be Vaccinated For Kids To Get Back To School

Dr. Vivek Murthy, who is a US Surgeon General,  mentioned to CNN that if the country wants to keep kids at school, protect the economy and all together get through the pandemic, the country needs to leave no room for mistakes in making sure every individual gets vaccinated.

More Of USA Needs To Be Vaccinated For Kids To Get Back To School

As new cases are surging in 48 states, as reported by John Hopkins University, Joe Biden know as the president of the United States was seen announcing today that Federal Employees, except the Military, must be vaccinated against the virus, Covid-19 or strict actions shall be faced which also will include testing once or twice a week, masking up and various other weakening measures. The data shows a great difference between areas with low and high vaccination rates. Average vaccination rates are known to be three times higher in few states that have complete vaccination, which is less than half of their population compared to those that have vaccination rates more than half of their population, as per the analysis of federal data. The coronavirus hospitalization rates and death rates in the past one week are seen to be more than twice as high among those states that have been reported low in vaccination rates for less than half of their population, on average.

The United States holds 49.4% of their population to be completely vaccinated, with two doses, as per Dr. Jerome Adams who is known to be the former US Surgeon General, says that he anticipates more shutdowns as the variant known to be highly transmissible, Delta, keeps spreading. Murthy anticipates more shall be added with some mask and vaccine mandates, which are already seen implemented.

Murthy also mentions about the private sector already stepping up to make verification systems. What they are going to look out for more and more in the weeks and months that lie ahead of them, Murthy believes, they shall witness more universities, more hospitals, many more businesses, and more retail establishments to put rules in places where it is required to get people vaccinated.

Such mandates, can and shall make a difference in pushing Americans to get vaccinated, as per Dr. Ashish Kha who is known to be the dean of the Brown University School of Public Health. He also mentioned that various other measures will also help the United States manage to channel, in the short term. Vaccine mandates shall be a part of a solution that will be long-term.

Dr. Ashish Jha wishes they had done such mandates a month ago as they would have made a much bigger difference, but also said, even doing it now will help, indeed.

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The Governor Says- The Enemy Is The Delta Variant

The Delta variant is not only known to be one of the most highly transmissible and most contagious strains of the Covid-19 but as per an internal report which was seen presented to the CDC, says that it could cause more severe disease and can be easily transmitted by people who are vaccinated, as compared to unvaccinated people, when it causes breakthrough infections.

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