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More People Died This Year From COVID-19 Than Last Year

Data from Centres of disease control and Prevention shows that coronavirus has killed more people this year than it did last year. The disease has been reported as a contributing death cause or the underlying cause of death for around 11.3% or 377,883 deaths in 2020, reported CDC.

More People Died This Year From COVID-19 Than Last Year

According to data from Johns Hopkins University, more than 770,000 people have lost their lives to coronavirus as of Monday. It means that we’ve lost more than 15,000 lives in 2021 from coronavirus compared to last year. And there is still a month left until this.

More People Died This Year From COVID-19 Than Last Year

This figure only shows reported Covid 19 deaths and there is a high possibility that more people died from this virus than there have been reports on it. Coronavirus-related deaths in the United States were not tracked in 2020 until February. In around 38 states, infections are on the rise again and experts are concerned about another surge this winter.

Experts believe that a number of factors are fueling this surge including unvaccinated people, the virus’s seasonality, and the immunity wearing off. On Sunday, Dr. Anthony Fauci said that fully vaccinated people can enjoy indoors and celebrate the festival.

On Monday, top infectious disease expert Fauci said that the White House is briefing about administering booster doses to all Americans, but he is not very sure. He said that honestly, no one can know for sure and that they are collecting data.

He added that several studies from around the world have gained positive results about boosters and have made sure that they are effective, and enhance protection. He said that the hope from boosters is that they last longer than the second dose which wears off after some months. According to the White House, booster shots are available to around 80,000 regions in America.

On Monday, the US officials noted that around 90% of federal workers are partially vaccinated and have met the deadline on Monday said, President Joe Biden. The official added that around 95% of all federal workers are obedient to this mandate either by getting vaccinated or applying for exemption.

In September, Biden announced that around 3.5 million federal workers must undergo vaccination. They were not provided with an option to get themselves tested regularly unless they had an approved exemption.

Pfizer’s phase 3 trial’s update shows that their two shots of vaccines for children have proven to be one hundred percent effective against COVID-19. The companies said that no safety concerns were raised.

The companies said that the effectiveness of vaccines was high consistently across ethnicity, race, and gender. Pfizer’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Albert Bourla said that this data added to their confidence in their vaccines’ effectiveness and safety in adolescents.

The investigation of the New York Assembly into the conduct of former governor Andrew Cuomo found that the administration of the democrat misrepresented the number of deaths caused by coronavirus among nursing home residents.

The report was compiled by Davis Polk & Wardwell, a law firm of New York City. It covered various allegations against him including claims of sexual harassment and his staff’s participation in writing a book for him on the COVID-19 pandemic.

Other claims include administrative manipulation of data regarding coronavirus by Cuomo. Along with other news organizations, the Associated Press reported about the gaps found in fatalities of statistical accounting of the state, including their decision about excluding thousands of people who died in hospitals from its nursing home death toll.

The investigators of Davis Polk confirmed that the Department of Health of the state Wanted to include those deaths in hospitals in the fatality count of nursing homes.

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