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Most Americans Staying Home During Thanksgiving Due To Covid 19

For most Americans, staying alone during Thanksgiving came as no big surprise as the coronavirus cases continue to rise rapidly throughout the country. Many people feel that this is the best option in this situation as they can safeguard their family member’s health during this pandemic.

Most Americans Staying Home During Thanksgiving Due To Covid 19

Many people are planning virtual Thanksgiving programs and using Zoom or other modes to connect with their loved ones. Most of them hope that if they maintain such safe practices, for now, they may get to celebrate Christmas with their family.

Meanwhile, the number of covid 19 cases has increased rapidly in the last few weeks, and the death toll now stands beyond 250000. Schools are back to online learning and had to be closed soon after they started regular classes. Many people have changed their Thanksgiving plans and avoided crowded places due to fear of Covid 19.

The CDC has also urged the public to stay safe during this festive season and keep the dinner meetings as small as possible with limited family members. They have also suggested that people should avoid traveling for holidays in this season. As multiple vaccines are in production, experts hope that it will soon be possible to get back to normal life if we have some patience now during the holiday season.

This is undoubtedly the most difficult holiday season for Americans in decades. With the latest recommendations coming from the CDC and other health experts, most Americans living in single-person households are finding it challenging to manage the situation during the festive season. They are now not able to meet their family members during the holidays.

With these restrictions in place, such people are now planning to meet their family members online for a virtual Thanksgiving event. This has become the norm with many college students and other people staying away from their families.

The situation is not conducive for in-person meetings and people suffering from addictions or having another kind of problem. Some members of the alcoholics anonymous groups are conducting meetings over zoom and trying to stay connected with the participants. Even though this does not provide the same kind of support as that of the real meetings, they can at least reach out to another person in times of emergency.

People who are in recovery are finding it hard to stay away from alcohol during the holiday season. This is one of the most dangerous for search people as the cold weather can trigger the urge to drink alcohol. Other than that, most people tend to relax during the holiday season when they meet friends and family members.

Things are not good for older people as they have to handle the festive season on their own in most cases. Several people expected their family members to be with them during the holiday season. However, due to the rising number of cases, across the country, most people are not traveling back home, leaving their parents and family members alone during the festive season.

Several older people recall that Thanksgiving used to be a big event for the family where everyone gathered home and cooked special dinner for the guests. This year has been horrible for them, and they feel lonely during the festive season. According to statistics, nearly one-third of senior citizens live alone in the US, and this pandemic has created a lot of problems for them in the last few months. Most of them who hoped to reunite with their family members for holidays are now depressed that it is not going to happen this year.

Things are expected to change in the next few months as there is some good news regarding the development of the covid-19 vaccine. Some of the vaccines are in their final stages of clinical trials, and FDA may give approval for some of these vaccines in the next few weeks. In this situation, the Frontline workers will be getting the vaccine on a priority basis. The next in line will be senior citizens with critical health conditions.

Given the situation, the common public may get a vaccine by the end of next year. Till then, maintaining social distancing and appropriate use of face masks in public places is the best way to stay away from covid-19.

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