This Is The Most Dangerous Time Of The Pandemic Among Children, Say, Experts

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : August 12, 2021

Students preparing for the new school year are up against the most dangerous time of the pandemic for them, experts warn. Authorities have to take many measures to protect them from COVID 19.

America is now witnessing the Delta variant, the most contagious among all virus strains. Certain parts of the country are experiencing surges. Our adult population still refuses to stay on guard. Some reject vaccination. Others don’t wear masks. All these factors add up to the seriousness of the situation.

This Is The Most Dangerous Time Of The Pandemic Among Children, Say, Experts

Even in the midst of all these fears, there is good news. The rate of vaccination is rising in the US. According to CDC, more than 500000 people are taking the first dose of the vaccine every day. This is the highest since June, it points out. Health officials reiterate their observations. Vaccination is the only way out of this pandemic, especially the Delta variant.

This Is The Most Dangerous Time Of The Pandemic Among Children, Say, Experts

Children under 12, however, are not eligible for vaccination. And a vaccine needs up to 42 days for the first dose of vaccine to take effect. This may cause trouble for children when they begin their school year.

President Biden, when replying to a question in this regard, said that he is deeply concerned. He also knows that most of the children are in areas where the rate of vaccination is low. And they are getting the infection from those unvaccinated. And he appeals to the unvaccinated people to get their shot against COVID 19 at the earliest.

Till now, the elderly were considered to be the most vulnerable. It has changed now. Children belong to the most vulnerable group in recent days, experts warn. What they now need is as many layers of safety as possible. If one is removed for any reason, the other layers can be of help. For instance, schools may forego the rule on social distancing. In such an instance, masking will come into effect. Three-ply surgical masks, vaccination, and testing will be enough to take care of the situation.

Health officials are also warning that time is running out. The country has to authorize a vaccine for use among children.  At present, only those above 12 are eligible for vaccination. Health officials are calling on the country to make the process of authorizing shots for those below 12. They have to do it before the virus gets the chance to mutate and add up to the number of infections. It has to happen before the winter starts. Some even hope that children below 12 will have a vaccine by that time.

FDA is fully aware of the impact vaccines for children can have on the public. But it wants to make sure that sufficient data is available before it can make a decision in the matter.

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Health officials also observe that protecting them is the duty of the adult population. It has to get vaccinated at the earliest. When our adults refuse to do so, they are depriving the children of the freedom they deserve.

Until such a time that a vaccine is authorized for young children, authorities believe that masks will help. In Kentucky, the Governor issued a mask mandate for K-12 schools, pre-K, and childcare facilities. The State cannot let children go unprotected to school buildings and face the Delta variant.  And he is determined to do what he thinks is right for them. Certain Governors, however, refuse to respond to such calls. Some even issued an order preventing States from enforcing such mandates.

Health officials are preparing for the worst scenario. Numbers are on the rise, every day. Until now, data has not shown it. Still, the country is about to face a breaking point, they say.

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